Why Smoke Damage Should Be Left to the Professionals

The aftermath of a fire is always a stressful situation. You may not be sure where to turn or what to do next. To save money, you may consider trying to clean up the damage caused by the smoke and soot from the fire yourself. But smoke damage cleanup is not something that a home or business owner should ever take on themselves.

The pervasive odor of smoke can linger for a long time, despite your best cleaning efforts. You may think you’ve eliminated it after hours of carpet scrubbing and blowing fans around, only to have it return over time. The smaller and more closed off the fire was, the stronger the odor may be. It also depends on how porous the material is in the area in which the fire occurred.

While you might be tempted to attempt the process of restoration yourself to save money, it can lead to further loss, greater damage, and higher costs in repairs down the road. That’s because amateur cleaning efforts are not only insufficient to remove all smoke damage, but may even make it worse. This can lead to your property and belongings to reek of smoke no matter how many times you wash and dry them.

The Dangers of Smoke Damage

The most insidious factor of smoke damage is that it’s not just about treating the visible soot and char. Microscopic particles of smoke damage can be blown into carpets, crevices, the spaces between your walls and ceilings, and into your ventilation system. These particles produce a pungent, heavy odor that is bothersome and impossible to cover up.

Smoke damage isn’t just a question of unpleasant smells, either. For those with asthma, lung disease, allergies, or other breathing issues, inhaling smoke particles can aggravate these conditions and cause additional health problems. Treating your fire-affected property after smoke damage can eliminate this potential health risk.

Professional smoke damage restoration is essential not only to preserve your building and belongings but also to halt ongoing damage. The longer that smoke particles are left on surfaces the harder they may be to remove. The goal of our restoration efforts at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service is to treat and preserve as much of your property and belongings as we can so that it’s restored to closely to pre-fire conditions as possible.

Professional Fire & Smoke Damage Treatment

During our smoke damage restoration process, the affected area is cleared out by our team, with any salvageable items packed out and removed. Each item is assessed to determine whether restoration efforts are possible. Items will need to be independently treated depending on the extent of the damage, the material they’re made of, and other factors. Sometimes the carpet and pad is also removed. Once the area is emptied, our professional team cleans and sanitizes all surfaces using industrial chemicals that break down smoke particles. Then we utilize specialized vacuums that allow us to pull up the smallest of smoke molecules. Our technicians will perform comprehensive treatment of the entire area until we’ve eliminated the smoke damage at the source.

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, our highly trained and experienced team of restoration professionals can assist you with fire and smoke damage. We understand that a property fire is a disconcerting and upsetting situation and aim to guide you through the process of restoration efficiently and compassionately. Contact LaPointe Construction Board Up Service today for more information about our fire restoration services by calling (978) 447-5991.