When is Temporary Shoring Helpful?

You may not be aware of the different types of assistance available in the aftermath of an emergency to repair property damage. Learning more about your options can help you make proactive, beneficial decisions as to how to proceed with your property’s restoration. Temporary shoring is a form of building support that allows you to preserve your property as you move through the proper steps of the restoration process. While it’s important to address property damage quickly, it’s not beneficial to rush too fast through the recovery. Temporary shoring allows the professionals to maintain the integrity of your building while the restoration is being carried out.

A Car Crash Involving a Building

It might sound like a scenario out of a movie. However, every day across the country, crashes involving vehicles driving into buildings happen. Car accidents are actually one of the top reasons for a company to seek temporary shoring services. Significant damage is caused by these crashes. Numerous sources contribute to these unfortunate accidents, including drunk driving, poor weather, and mechanical problems. If your commercial property has suffered damage from a vehicle colliding with the building, temporary shoring can stabilize the property until repairs can be arranged and completed.

Storm Damage

Whether it’s torrential rain in the spring, or high winds and blinding snow in the winter, storms can cause substantial damage to properties. No matter the season, temporary shoring can keep your structure supported, which is especially important in the face of continuing bad weather. This includes when a building has suffered flood damage.  

After a Building Fire

As we’ve all seen on the nightly news, a fire can cause extensive structural damage to a building. If the fire did not end in a total loss and your property is still salvageable, temporary shoring can assist you in supporting the structure while the damage is assess and proper restoration steps are followed. Whether one room was damaged or your whole house, temporary shoring is often a crucial part of the short-term reconstruction.

Soil Erosion             

When soil erodes over time, especially under the influence of the elements, it can lead to the shifting of your building’s foundation as well as other structural damage. Temporary shoring can support your building until major repairs can be made. Additional harm can be prevented by shoring up a property as soon as possible.  

Construction Work

Temporary shoring is frequently implemented during the construction process with structures that are not sturdy or stable to support themselves. Extensive temporary shoring may be set up while a structure is being built, and then removed once it is no longer needed.

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