When Do You Need Temporary Shoring?

Temporary shoring is the process of providing temporary support to a building or structure once the integrity of that structure is lost. Temporary shoring is not a permanent fix to the problem and is put into place to help keep the structure from any further detrimental losses.

Often times, temporary shoring is used when:

  1. A disaster occurs, such as a fire and leaves the home structurally unstable
  2. When a wall on the exterior of the home is cracked due to settlement of the ground
  3. When walls in your home bulge outward
  4. When an opening in a wall is enlarged or opens wider

When it comes to temporary shoring, it benefits you because it will help keep your home from collapsing or deteriorating even more. Professional shoring companies are able to provide your home with the correct support beams needed to hold it upright.

Below, we will go over some of the types of shoring systems you may run into.

Flying Shores

This type of shoring system is used when there are two buildings present and one of them is demolished and then rebuilt. This specific structure consists of cleats, plates, needles, and horizontal shores.

Raking Shores

This type of shoring is used to help support lateral walls that may not be structurally sound. The shore uses cleats, sole plates, needles, wall plates, inclined members, and bracing to keep the home held up.

Raking shores are some of the more popular types of shores used, but they do have many specific requirements that need to be followed to prevent collapse.

Dead Shores

Lastly, dead shores are used when vertical support is needed. This often happens when much of the home has been removed. For instance, a dead shore may be needed when the wall has the roof removed.

The dead shore is made up of posts and beams that serve as the structural support. These beams and posts can hold up a lot of weight and are designed to provide a structure with a firm foundation.

Dead shores do not sit on top of or next to the building. In fact, they are spaced out away from the building to allow for working room and correction of the situation.

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