What to Expect During Fire Damage Restoration

While every fire is unique, the fire damage restoration process is generally predictable. When the LaPointe Construction Board Up Service team arrives at your home or business after a fire, we follow a basic 9 step process.

  1. Initial Call – From the moment you call us the first time, we are on your side. Our representatives have a lot of experience navigating insurance claims, so we can help you to understand the process and make sure you get all the benefits that you have paid for. We might ask you questions about the fire, such as how large the affected area is, how it was extinguished, and what kind of building materials and personal items are damaged. This helps us to send out the team members who are best able to serve you.
  2. Inspection – After you call, we inspect your property carefully. We will make a detailed list of damage to the structure of your property as well as personal belongings. We may examine soot samples and other material.
  3. Planning – We develop a detailed plan for your property restoration. Some things may change as we discover underlying damage.
  4. Securing Your Property – We secure your property to protect it from vandalism, weather, and wild animals. Damaged roofs are covered with tarps. Doors, windows, and damaged walls might be covered with plastic sheeting or plywood. In some cases, temporary fencing is used to surround the area.
  5. Water Removal – Fire departments use water to extinguish large fires. This can leave large amounts of water in the building, leading to water damage is if isn’t handled quickly. Large amounts of water might be removed using pumps and vacuums. For smaller amounts, we may bring in fans or dehumidifiers.
  6. Waste Disposal – Damaged material and items that cannot be repaired or restored are hauled out for disposal.
  7. Smoke and Soot – Soot comes in three types – oily, dry, and wet. Each is cleaned differently. We also clean out air ducts and change air filters to prevent lingering odors.
  8. Cleaning and Sanitizing – We use different methods to clean and sanitize based on the type of damage and the materials involved. Metals, glass, tile, and stone can usually be cleaned and restored. Wood, textiles, and many synthetic materials usually have to be at least partially replaced.
  9. Restoration – The final stage is the complete restoration of your property to pre-event condition. Some projects are small, primarily requiring a coat of fresh paint and other decorative touches. In some cases, large areas of the property have to be re-constructed.

Over the past 50 years, LaPointe Construction Board Up Service has developed a great reputation with our neighbors here in the Massachusetts area. Family owned and operated, we are more than just a property damage restoration company. We provide a wide range of services, including emergency board up service, temporary fencing, and general construction. Call us any time at 978-447-5991 to see how we can help you.