What to Do After a House Fire

A house fire is a traumatic experience and it can rock you from the core. It is important that you focus on your healing and the healing of your family after the fire has occurred. It will take time to rebuild your life and you do not want to rush it even though it seems like that is the only answer.

We have seen many fires tear through homes and it is not a pretty sight. What we do think is important is that you know what steps to take once the fire has occurred.

  1. Never Enter the Home

While you may be tempted to run into your home to see what is left for you to salvage, but do NOT do it. The reason behind this is because fires tear down the structural integrity of your home and it may not be safe to walk within the home.

Once you are able to enter the home or once the home has been deemed safe to enter, the emergency crews will let you know.

  1. Get in Contact with a Fire Damage Restoration Company

While you may want to start calling all of your friends and family first, hold off just one moment and call your local professional fire damage restoration company. You will not be able to restore your home on your own and these professionals are able to remove the damage and assess the situation for you.

  1. Know How the Fire Started

You will receive a fire report that tells you more about the fire. In this report, you will learn about how the fire started, where it started, and more. You can use this information to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

For example, if the cause was faulty electrical wires, then you will know that you need to have your wires checked in your new home and periodically to prevent any future issues.

  1. Secure the Property

You should have a professional fire damage restoration company secure the property for you. In fact, they can perform temporary shoring or board up services to help secure your home from further damage.

  1. Clean Up Time Has Arrived

If you hire a professional company to handle the cleanup, it is unlikely that you will participate much, but you can be present when they work on your home. You will likely have to get rid of everything in the home as it will be damaged from the fire, soot, smoke, or water.

If the fire damage is contained to only a single room, then you may be able to salvage items from rooms that are far away, but nothing is certain until access is gained.

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