What to Do After a Flood

The first thing that you should do in case of flooding is get to safety. In many cases, flooding is slow. You might discover a leaky pipe or find water in the basement after a heavy rain. In the case of burst pipes or sewage backups, it can happen quickly but it is rarely immediately dangerous.

If you are facing flash floods or an overflowing waterway, your first concern should always be to get to a safe place. Never try to wade or swim a flooding river. If the roads are flooded, don’t try to drive. Move to the highest location in your home, such as upstairs or on the roof. If you need rescue, use a brightly colored cloth or flashlights to signal help.

If you aren’t in danger, then gather your important papers. It’s a good idea to keep an emergency file in a water and fire resistant container. You might also choose to keep it in a safe deposit box or another safe location. You should include insurance documents, birth certificates, medical and financial records, and other important paperwork. It’s a good idea to include an inventory of your possessions, including serial numbers and photographs if they are needed.

Once you have your emergency information, contact your insurance agent as well as a property restoration company such as our team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. Your insurance agent can begin the claims process and help you with urgent needs, such as supplying a hotel room if needed.

When our property restoration crew gets the first phone call, we get right to work. Our 24 hour response team will come secure your property, using tarps, plywood, and other materials so cover damaged roofs, windows, doors, and walls. We might bring temporary fencing to keep vermin and curious neighbors away.

Before beginning work, we might shore up weakened walls or ceilings to make sure it is safe for our crew. Anything in danger of collapse will be supported until it is repaired. In some cases, you may even be able to live and work in the home while repairs are being made.

Our team works to make sure that your home or business is completely restored. We use a variety of equipment. To remove water, we may use pumps or vacuums, dehumidifiers, and fans. We can bring in air movers and air scrubbers to make sure that everything is completely dried and there are no lingering odors.

We then remove damaged items and materials. Some might be cleaned and repaired, while others will be replaced. Along with you and your insurance company, we will consider several factors when deciding if something should be restored or replaced. Cost, availability, and sentimental value are all considerations.

With over 50 years in the business, LaPointe Construction Board Up Service has the skills and experience to perform any property restoration task. You can rest confidently knowing that our team is on your side. For more information, call us any time at 978-447-5991 and talk to one of our representatives.