If your home has suffered from a fire it can be difficult to know where to begin picking up the pieces. This can be a stressful and overwhelming time making it difficult to decide where to begin. Here are six things we suggest you do immediately following a home fire.

Call Your Insurance Agent

As a first step you should give your insurance agent a call to get the process of rebuilding started as soon as possible. Be aware that you will likely receive calls at various times from public adjusters and contractors offering to help reconstruct your home. These calls can cause a lot of stress and confusion, so just discuss your options with your insurance agent.

Ask About Complete Restoration Companies

Research and find out about restoration companies that help with the clean up process as well as boarding up windows and construction. Once the fire is extinguished you’ll need to clean up soot and water damage. Choose a reputable service like LaPointe Construction Board Up Service to help you handle these issues.

Separate Damaged and Undamaged Property

Your insurance company will need a detailed list of what was lost in the fire in order to evaluate the loss. Make a list of damaged property and include the date you purchased the items, brand names, the prices you paid, and the serial numbers, models, or descriptions. If any items were gifts make sure you make a note of that as well.

Save Undamaged Items From Further Damage

Unless your home is completely destroyed, there will likely be items that were undamaged by the fire. If this is the case, then you should do everything you can to prevent undamaged items from becoming ruined. At LaPointe we recommend placing undamaged property in a safe place such as an off site storage facility.

Cooperate With Insurance Company Investigation

When you file a fire claim with an insurance company it is usually given high priority. Adjusters typically arrive within 24 to 48 hours to examine the loss before it gets any worse. In order to help settle your claim as soon as possible to restore your life to normal we we recommend you be available for meetings, return calls promptly, and complete requested paperwork in a timely manner.

Find a Place to Stay

If your home is in an unlivable state after the fire we suggest that you find a place to stay in the meantime, while your claim is being handled and your home is being rebuilt. Most homeowner insurance policies include “Loss of Rents” or “Loss of Use” coverage which will help pay for food, clothing, and shelter that you and your family may need.

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