What Affects The Cost Of Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

The average property owner spends between $3450 and $4950 nationally for fire and smoke damage restoration. The average cost for fire and smoke damage in the Massachusetts area is about $2650. Even a small structure fire can lead to extensive damage because of smoke and soot as well as the water to put it out which is why contacting a professional water and fire damage restoration company like LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service is important to clean up, repair, and restore your property. Here are a few things you should consider about the cost of fire and smoke damage restoration when assessing property.

Timeliness is a critical component to restoration costs since the longer you wait, the more damage the smoke, soot, and odors will cause. Not only does smoke produce deadly chemicals, but the soot will produce a thin film on surface areas which will cause discoloration and corrosion. The longer water and moisture stays in your home, the higher the probability that mold will grow within 24 to 48 hours.

Your building materials will also be of major concern as wood rot will begin soon after it absorbs water. You will know you have wood decay or mold by the dark discoloration, strong odor, and rising damp. The total it will cost for restoration depends on the amount of wood decay or mold growth you have, the time it has been in your home, and the amount of cleanup, repair, or restoration techniques needed.

There are also rooms that will be more expensive to restore than others. A kitchen fire will be costly as the home or business owner will have to restore the building material as well as replace the appliances, kitchen cabinetry, the island, sinks, lighting, flooring, and masonry. To restore a bedroom or a laundry room, it would be a matter of replacing building material, lighting, and flooring or carpet (at a minimum).

Types Of Fire And Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is the most common concern when building materials and household items burn. Most noticeably is the discoloration on surface areas like your walls, household furnishings, carpets, and clothing. Smoke damage will also corrode the HVAC system as well. Failure to clean the entire system will cause shortness of breath, asthma, and bronchitis which a person may suffer from chronically.

You will also experience water damage because the fire department will need to extinguish the blaze quickly to preserve any untouched parts of your home from loss. Standing water will saturate the walls and flooring. With extensive water and fire damage, it will likely cause structural damage which is why you will benefit from a water and fire damage restoration company that has a proven track record.

Soot damage on your household furnishing will also need to be removed as it will permeate the surfaces and stain the upholstery and wood materials. All of the furnishings, linens, draperies and clothing will need to undergo the same soot removal process to ensure your belongings are properly cleaned. Your carpets also need to be inspected to see if they can be cleaned or if they need to be removed and replaced.

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