Water Damage Restoration Services

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we offer a lot of different services. In addition to fire damage restoration and general contracting services, we provide temporary fencing rentals and shore up weakened areas. Our team responds in emergencies to board up and secure your property, and we can winterize your property to protect you from cold weather damage.

One of our most commonly used services, however, is water damage restoration. Although there are lots of ways that you can protect your property, no one is completely safe. Flooding, storms, and burst pipes can happen to anyone. Thankfully, if you do experience water damage, our highly trained team is on call 24 hours a day.

On our first visit to your property, we will inspect the damage. We have to know the type and extent of water damage before we can develop a restoration plan. We will determine if the water involved is clean, gray, or black, so we bring in the best crew and equipment to handle your situation quickly and safely. We also discover the amount of water present so we bring in the best combination of tools for the water removal and drying process.

If needed, we will secure your home or business. Depending on the situation, we may cover damaged roofs with tarps, board up broken doors and windows, and even install temporary fencing. This protects your property from intruders and weather, but also keeps neighbors and wildlife from potentially dangerous locations.

Water Extraction
For large amounts of water, we may use pumps and vacuums. In smaller areas or where there is less water, dehumidifiers and fans may be sufficient. It is important that this stage gets started right away, because if water is left standing, the amount of damage increases. If it is left too long, you may end up with mold problems in addition to the water damage.

Material Removal
Some items will be removed for repair and restoration. Others will be hauled away for disposal. Building materials such as drywall, flooring, and other items that cannot be repaired will be disposed of as well.

Repairs and Replacement
We look at several factors when deciding whether to repair or replace items and material. One of the most important factors is your insurance company. We always work with you and your claims agent to make sure that we are on the same page and you understand your coverage. For different items, we consider the cost to repair and the cost to replace. Sometimes, other factors are considered as well, such as sentimental value or the difficulty of replacing an item. In some cases, you may choose to pay out of pocket if you disagree with your insurance company. In others, you might be able to file for a review of refused coverage. Our team is always available to help you out with your insurance company.

When we take on any water damage restoration process, we don’t leave until your property is back to pre-event condition. Our team is well-trained and very experienced, and we have the skills and equipment needed to get your home or business back in shape quickly and efficiently.

Family owned and operated, we have been handling construction projects and property restoration here in the Massachusetts area for over 50 years. When you call on us, you know that you can rely on our dedication to our community, our customers, and our neighbors. If you need us, we can be reached 24 hours a day at 978-447-5991. Give us a call today!