Watch Out For Kitchen Fires

Any fire in your home will be a big headache, but some are worse than others. Fire can do more than just damage your home. Many of your belongings may be damaged, and you might have to find another place to stay during the repair process. You may also be facing financial losses, especially if your insurance coverage isn’t adequate. Acting quickly to bring in a fire damage restoration specialist will help to minimize the problems.

If your fire started in the kitchen, you might have some additional things to think about. Many kitchen fires break out because of burning food. Often, it is a protein such as eggs, beans, or meat products. There are some distinct differences between regular fires and protein fires.

Dark Sooty Smoke vs Clear, Fine Mist
In a normal fire, materials such as wood, paper, and plastics burn. They create a lot of dark, sooty smoke and often leave a thick film of soot behind. It might be dry, oily, or wet, depending on the temperature of the fire and what materials were involved. A protein fire, however, tends to burn at a much lower temperature and produces a clear, fine mist. After the fire is put out, there might not be any visible soot at all. However, it still needs to be cleaned carefully. The burning protein and fat creates a colorless thin film that can spread throughout the area.

Lingering Odors
One of the biggest problems with a protein fire is the smell. Even a tiny amount of burned protein can leave an unpleasant smell lingering for hours. Everyone who cooks has experienced it a few times. It’s a much bigger problem when you have a bigger protein burn. Without expert clean-up, that smell can spread throughout the entire home. It’s critical to make sure the air ducts are thoroughly cleaned. An experienced fire damage restoration professional might use an ozone machine, air scrubber, and other techniques and equipment to make sure there are no lingering odors.

A fire can break out at any time. Most of us cook, and we don’t think about how easy it is for a simple meal to turn into a disaster in just a few moments. Thankfully, there are experts like the team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service to help you out if you do experience a fire. From inspecting your property to make sure that all of the damage is taken care of, to contacting and working with your insurance company to make sure you get the benefits that you deserve, to completing the last finishing touches on your trim work, they have the skills, training, and experience to make sure all traces of your fire are eradicated.

We provide many other services as well:

  • Boarding up vacant or damaged property
  • Temporary fencing rental
  • Property shoring
  • Winterization
  • Many other restoration and construction projects

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