Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

Like other parts of New England and the northeastern United States, Massachusetts and surrounding areas are hit by a lot of ice and snow every winter. As things begin to warm up in the spring, all of that water will have to go somewhere. The team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service wants all of our neighbors to stay safe and keep their property dry during the spring thaw. We can’t control the weather, but there are steps that you can take to protect your property.

Understand Your Insurance
The most important thing is to understand your insurance coverage. Most businesses and homeowners have some kind of insurance coverage in case they experience a fire, storm damage, or some other unexpected disaster. However, you may not realize that a standard policy won’t cover you for flood damage.

Make sure that you read your insurance policy carefully and understand your coverage. Most policies won’t cover any degree of water damage caused by flooding. Some also don’t cover sewage back ups and other types of water damage without a special addition to the plan. If you have any questions talk to your insurance agent now. Don’t wait for a problem to occur.

Protect Your Property
You can’t control nature, but there are steps that you can take to protect your property. Taking the right actions now can prevent damage to your home or business and save you money on repairs later on.
● Sump Pumps – Basement pumps or sewer backflow valves are a good idea if you have experienced flooding in the past.
● Alarms – A water alarm can alert you to flooding in the early stages.
● Basement Storage – If you have valuables or electronics in your basement, consider moving them to a higher place or storing in watertight containers.
● Debris Removal – Check gutters, window wells, and downspouts for potential blockage.
● Windows and Doors – Check for leaks and poor seals.
● Exterior Walls – Clear built up snow from exterior walls before melt.
● Fuel Tanks – Make sure they are securely anchored.
● Foundation – Check for cracks and vulnerabilities.
● Roof – Check your roof for leaks. Consider clearing ice and large amounts of snow before thaw.
● Landscaping and Grading – Landscaping and grading can direct water flow towards or away from the building. Consider consulting an expert.

Plan Ahead
Keep an inventory of your possessions, including photographs and serial numbers when needed. You should also include copies of insurance policies, financial records, and personal documents. Keep these in a waterproof container or an off site location such as a safe deposit box.

No one is safe from water damage. Spring weather brings warmer temperatures, and winter ice and snow melts and can create flooding. At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service we want our neighbors to stay safe all year long. For more tips call 978-447-5991.