New England is known for cold temperatures and lots of snow in the winter time. Massachusetts often leads the pack when it comes to ice and snow. Here at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we have seen severe winter weather for over five decades. Our team knows exactly how unpleasant burst pipes can be. We have helped countless neighbors recover from water damage. You don’t want to experience the damage that cracked plumbing can do to your home or your wallet, so follow these tips before it gets cold again.

Insulate Your Pipes
Good insulation can mean the difference between burst pipes and a smooth cold season. Plumbing on exterior walls is especially vulnerable, but interior walls can have cold spots as well. These often occur when utilities run from a basement to attic, causing a draft of exterior air that can lead to interior freezing. Good insulation can do more than prevent burst pipes – you might find yourself spending a lot less to heat and cool your home, and your hot water heater will have to work a lot less hard to keep up in the wintertime.

Be Cautious About Dripping Water
Conventional wisdom in many areas is that you can prevent pipes from freezing if you turn on a very light flow of water. This is a common tactic in more temperate areas, and it can be very effective. However, if you experience extreme cold then it’s still possible to have some frozen pipes. In fact, the running water can lead to significant ice build up just outside the faucet.

Check Your Foundation
If your foundation or exterior walls have any cracks or drafty areas, then the pipes are more susceptible to freezing. Fill any holes or cracks and make sure your insulation is adequate in those areas. The last thing you want is burst pipes on top of water infiltration during the spring thaw. That is an expensive combination.

Seal Open Areas
If you have a partially finished basement or unfinished crawl space, those areas are letting cold air into the home. Make sure they are sealed to protect you from the cold weather. You can use temporary covers to seal off vents and other openings. Consider upgrading your insulation and repairing any cracks or gaps.

Winter weather can mean snowball fights and sledding, but it can also mean burst pipes and other problems. You don’t want to have to deal with damage to your home as well as ruined possessions. At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we have plenty of experience dealing with the winter cold here in Massachusetts. If you aren’t sure how to prepare your home, visit our website at for more tips and information. If you have questions or need professional help, our team is always standing by. Call us any time at 978-447-5991.