The Importance of Hiring Professional Fire Restoration Experts

If you experience a fire in your home, like most homeowners, you may think that the danger is over once the fire is put out.  However, there are many hidden dangers that appear once the original disaster has passed.  This is why your insurance company will talk with you about Fire and Water Damage Restoration companies.

One matter that needs professional attention is smoke and soot as a result of the fire.  Smoke, soot, and ashes start to affect your property almost immediately.  They cause discoloration and corrosion, and leave behind strong odors.  Until the problem is neutralized, your property will experience further damage due to the acidic nature of these things.  Your best chance at salvaging your home and belongings is to call a professional.  Immediate attention to the matter is best so that the cost of replacing items is reduced.  With prompt action, you can avoid having to replace everything in your home.  Here is what happens if you wait a few days to restore your home: 

  1. Belongings that were near the fire start to discolor immediately
  2. The finish on your appliances will yellow and some will begin to tarnish.
  3. Clothing, drywall, and upholstery will be permanently discolored within days.
  4. Metals will begin corroding.
  5. Toxins in the air from the fire will cause respiratory issues.

A professional team like our Fire Damage Restoration crew at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service can mitigate the damage and minimize the health risks.  We start by identifying the affected area and the materials that are prone to damage due to the aftermath of a fire.  We then develop a thorough plan that will rid your property of the residues coating the surfaces of your things.  Our professional cleanup process ensures that soot and ash are contained and removed from your property.  Carpets and porous materials may be cleaned and dried to prevent mold and mildew and repairs are made to damaged areas.

Cleaning up after a fire is never something you should do alone.  Take the time to look into the professionals in the area who can handle the job so it’s done right.  We take pride in our commitment to help homeowners restore their property back to its original condition.  Let our team of professionals and restoration experts help you.  We’ll assess the situation, create a plan of action, and get right to work so your property experiences the least amount of damage from the aftereffects of a fire.

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