The Importance of Cleaning Your Chimney

Hopefully, winter is officially behind us.  Spring means we can start opening our windows more often and spend crisp evenings on our decks or patios.  It means the emergence of bright flowers and songbirds.  It also means it’s time to clean your chimney.

Throughout the cold months of winter, a perfect evening might be cuddling up next to a roaring fire with a good book and a glass of wine.  And while a fire is comforting and warm, it is up to us to maintain the chimney to prevent a fire from breaking out and damaging our homes.

The best time of year to have your chimney professionally cleaned is the spring.  This is for a variety of reasons.  The most important being:

  1. Professional chimney cleaners don’t have a backlog of customers. The majority of customers don’t think about cleaning their chimney until they want to use it.  Make sure you can use your fireplace when you want to rather than having to wait.
  2. Melting snow can seep into the brick work of a chimney during the winter. With freezing temperatures, the water will freeze causing damage to your chimney’s structure.  A chimney cleaner looks for damage.  If you do have a problem, you have months to repair the structure before next winter.
  3. Chimneys really only need cleaning when they are being used. Cleaning it now or six months from now will have the same effect.  Only when a chimney is in use does it build up creosote. 
  4. Better weather allows for a much more thorough inspection. It’s a good time to get on the roof and inspect the chimney cap for holes.  Repairs can be made to prevent birds and animals from seeking refuge in your chimney.

A chimney fire can quickly get out of hand due to a buildup of creosote.  The creosote fuels the fire as does the material the fire comes into contact with as it burns.  Vinyl and wood siding are quick to burn and in no time you’ll have a multiple-alarm fire on your hands.

Use this spring to contact your local chimney cleaner so you can be ready for next winter’s cozy fire.  If you do experience a chimney fire, call our team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service.  Our Fire Damage Reconstruction crew has the tools and equipment to properly reconstruct your fire-damaged home should you have an emergency.

Our team will clean up the damage and reconstruct your property to its original condition.  We are a skilled team of contractors who can rebuild your damaged home.  We have first-hand experience regarding the aftermath of a fire and take proper steps to clean the area of smoke, soot, and water damage before restoring your home.

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