Health Risks of Living With Smoke Damage

If there has been a fire in your home or business, then your health may be suffering because of an improper cleaning up. Living with smoke damage can cause more trouble than just some unpleasant odors. At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we have seen many of our friends and neighbors suffer from smoke and soot before calling us in to help. Knowing the risks can help you to decide if you need to call in a professional property restoration company or not.

How Do You Know Smoke and Soot Are Causing Problems?
If remnants of smoke and soot damage are hanging around in your home or offices, you will most likely experience mild health symptoms that won’t go away. Respiratory, problems, itchy skin, and irritated eyes are common. You might notice that they get better when you go out of town but don’t change as time goes by like seasonal allergies typically do

  • Respiratory Issues – One of the first signs which can indicate that smoke and soot are still present is respiratory problems. Many people initially dismiss it as allergies or a simple cold. However, people who have a history of allergic reactions to pollens, dust, and other airborne particles are likely to experience a much more severe reactions. Like these common substances, smoke and soot leave behind microscopic particles that can irritate the lungs. People with asthma or other breathing problems can experience even more difficulties.
  • Skin Issues – Residues from smoke and soot can cause severe skin irritation. Washing clothes and bedding might help reduce the problem. If it persists, a professional property restoration company can thoroughly clean carpets, draperies, and upholstered items to remove residues.
  • Eye Irritation – Another common problem is red and itchy eyes. Tiny particles of soot and smoke can make your eyes sore and uncomfortable. Over the counter eye drops may cause temporary relief, but unlike seasonal allergies it doesn’t get better over time.

If you experience any of these symptoms, then you should contact a respected and trusted property restoration expert. Choose someone who has experience working with homes and businesses that have been damaged by fire. If you have already had a contractor repair the fire damage but are still experiencing symptoms, then it is a good idea to have someone else come take a look. There are many things that they can do to alleviate your symptoms.

  • Cleaning Fabrics – The first step is making sure that clothing and bedding is clean. A laundry service or dry cleaner with experience in smoke damage mitigation might be able to remove all traces of residue. Carpet and upholstery might need to be professionally cleaned. In some cases, it is better to remove affected fabrics and replace them with new.
  • Cleaning the Ventilation System – After a fire, there is often smoke and soot within the air ducts. A thorough cleaning is important. Make sure that your fire damage restoration company inspects and cleans all air duct openings and changers the air filters in your home.

If you experienced a fire and are concerned about lingering soot and smoke, call on the experts at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. For over 50 years we have been helping home and business owners in the greater Massachusetts area. When you call us at 978-447-5991 you are calling in tru experts who you can rely on.