The Best Way to Shovel Your Driveway

Did you know that there is a certain way you should clear snow off your driveway?  One would think that you would simply shovel or snow-blow it off the cement, right?  Well, almost. 

This was a topic of discussion the other day, and while you may ask, ‘What does this have to do with LaPointe Construction Board Up Service?’ …there is actually a good reason to follow the tips that we’ve learned. 

Every homeowner hates shoveling their drive only to have the city plows come by and block it back up.  The next time it snows do this:

  1. Clear the area to the right of your driveway. This would be the spot to your right if you are standing at the bottom of your driveway and looking at your home.  Plows move in the direction of the traffic and push the snow on the road off to the side.  This snow needs a place to go.  By opening up the spot before your driveway begins, more snow will dump here off the plow than in your driveway.    The more snow that gets dumped before it reaches your drive, the less snow you’ll have to remove later.
  1. When shoveling your own drive, put your snow to the left (again, this would be your left if you are in the driveway looking at your home). By keeping your own pile away from the cleared area for the plows, you’ll reduce the chances of the plow picking up what you already removed and dumping it back on your driveway.
  1. Keep snow piles low so you can safely back out of your drive and watch for oncoming vehicles. Distribute the snow, if you can, to avoid large piles of snow blocking your view.
  1. If you have the patience, wait for the plows to come through before you shovel. This way you only have to shovel one time and not worry about new snow blocking your driveway.

These 4 simple tips make it easier for both you and the plows hard at work.  Plus, you’ll be a bit saner in the long run.  An additional benefit, you reduce the risks of accidents when you keep the driveway clear and snow piles.  A driver backing out of a driveway who can’t see the entire street may cause an accident.  A vehicle may swerve to avoid a car and lose control on the slippery roads.  Cars crashing into a home increase during the winter months and inclement weather. 

If your home does have an incident with an out of control car, give us a call.  Our Temporary Shoring Service at LaPointe Construction Board up Services will shore up your home to prevent additional injuries.  Shoring a home lessens the chances of a collapse and keeps your family safe. 

Protect your family and your home from an accident and happy shoveling!  Give our team a call at 978-447-5991 to learn more about our services and Temporary Shoring.  You can visit our Facebook page at for more information.