Test Your Smoke Alarms

As the summer is upon us now is a good time to start planning for your annual smoke alarm test. We all know that a fire of any size can be a disaster.  Some causes are unavoidable and beyond our control while other fires can be been prevented.  Either way, if it happens, it happens.  That said; make sure you’ve done your part to protect your family and your home as best you can.  When a fire is caught early, there is a high probability that the level of destruction will be minimal.  Additionally, you reduce the risk of you or your family getting injured in a fire.

One of the easiest ways to protect your home and family members is by making sure you have working smoke alarms.  Their job is to alert you to a potential threat so you have time to seek safety.  Here are the recommended guidelines for properly installed and working smoke alarms:

  1. Test every smoke detector in your home once a month. We suggest you pick the same day every month so it soon becomes second nature.
  2. Replace the batteries every year. One of the most suggested time of the year to do this is Daylight Savings.  Even if the batteries are working, you need new ones.  Set the old ones aside to use for children’s toys or your remote control.
  3. Understand that smoke alarms expire. When you take your smoke alarm down to replace the batteries, check the manufactured date.  Replace the unit if the date of manufacture was 10 or more years ago.
  4. Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home, and put one in each bedroom.
  5. If you cannot afford smoke alarms, call your local Red Cross agency. They partner with various organizations in the state to provide smoke alarms free of charge.

With working smoke alarms, you and your family will have the warning you need should a fire break out in your home.  The alarm will give you time to evacuate the home so you can call for help.  You’ll decrease the risk of injuries and avoid fire related deaths.

If a fire occurs in your home, know that the professionals at LaPointe Construction Board Up can help.  Once your family is safe and the fire has been extinguished, our team can help you sift through the confusion.  Our Fire Damage Reconstruction team provides services to help homeowners’ properties return to their original condition.  We’ll handle the fire and water damage as well as the reconstruction of your property.

We’ll properly clean and restore the damage and repair the property.  Our general contractors work efficient and safe in order get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

For any emergency, call us at 978-447-5991.  We are always available to answer your questions or to help you get your home back to how it once was before the disaster occurred.  Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LaPointeConstruction to learn more.