Temporary Shoring Monitor Snowfall Accumulation on Your Building or Home

With winter fast approaching, our Temporary Shoring team at LaPointe Construction and Board-Up Service wish to protect you, your family, and your property with a few tips regarding inclement weather.

In the Northeast, we are all familiar with the feet of snow that can drop on us within hours.  These storms are hazardous enough to travelers and property owners, but it is also important to think of the stability of your home or office building.  When heavy snow builds up on our roofs, it is necessary to consider snow removal plans from the roof area in order to prevent a roof collapse.  For the most part, the roofline of our homes is built in such a way that the snowfall slides off or melts with the architecture of the structure.  Buildings and homes with flat roofs are at greater risk when snow and ice accumulate.  If you find that your property is nearing the danger zone here are steps you can take to prevent a collapse:

  • Monitor snowfall accumulation on your building or home. Ice can play a factor as well as drifting snow and various ridge lines of the property.  Typically the dangers zones of a roof occur when 4 or more feet of dry, light snow build up on the roof, or 1 or more feet of heavy snow occur.  Even 3-4 inches of ice will put extra weight on a roof that it can’t safely hold. 
  • Understand the weight bearing capacity of your roof. A structural engineer can help you identify what levels are safe for your building.
  • Remove snow from the roof if you can safely do so. Use a plastic shovel to remove the snow to a safe place below.  Designate an area now so you’ll have a plan later.  Mark off the area so those exiting and entering the building aren’t hit with falling snow and debris.  Make sure to not block exits, fire equipment, or utility areas.

Look for signs within the structure that may indicate a roof collapse is imminent.  You may see

  • Cracks on interior or exterior walls
  • Broken windows
  • Drooping ceilings
  • Wet spots indicating snow or ice is leaking into the attic area of the building
  • Popping sounds or creaks that may be a result of the structure failing or weakening
  • Windows and doors that don’t function properly due to the stress on them from the extra weight above.

If you can’t get to the snow for removal when these signs occur, our Temporary Shoring team can provide structural support until a safe time exists to remove the snow and repair the roof.  Shoring the structure will prevent damage and keep the occupants inside safe.

Keep us on your speed dial this winter should you have a need for Temporary Shoring.  You can reach us at 978-447-5991 or visit https://www.facebook.com/LaPointeConstruction to learn more about our Temporary Shoring solutions.