Summer Fire Prevention Tips

Nothing says summer fun quite like a roaring bonfire and toasted marshmallows. It is wonderful to enjoy smores or hot dogs around a crackling fire in your backyard. The team here at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service enjoys an evening around the fire just like you. When you’re making your summer plans, however, don’t forget about fire safety.

According to this report from the United States Fire Administration, summer is one of the peak seasons for injuries and deaths related to fires. While we are here to help with your fire damage restoration project if you need us, we want our friends and neighbors to be safe this summer. Follow these tips to make sure your fun doesn’t turn into disaster.

Campfires and bonfires a a big danger. They can be lots of fun, but follow basic safety rules. Make sure everyone knows what to do if the fire gets out of control. Have a water source, extinguisher, or shovel and dirt handy. Practice “stop, drop, and roll” with young children.

Never build a fire near dry grass or leaves. Don’t build it too close to a building, tent, or sleeping bag either. Always use a fire pit or stone ring to help contain your fire. If you can’t find a safe place to build it, move to another location. Portable fire pits are a much safer alternative to building on the bare ground. Make sure to keep lighter and starter fluids away from the fire.

Remember that, while a huge bonfire can be exciting, it is also harder to control. When it comes to fire, smaller is safer and easier to manage. It is also easier to make sure that a small fire is fully extinguished before you leave.

Fireworks are another important fire safety consideration. It is not surprising that burns and fires peak around the first week of July. Fireworks can be a great addition to a celebration, but make sure you enjoy them responsibly. Pets and young children should be kept a safe distance away from the launching site. Make sure fireworks are kept well away from dry grass and other areas vulnerable to burning. Don’t use products intended for professional displays. They might require a large safety clearance or special safety precautions.

Summer is a great time to have fun with family and friends. Bonfires, fireworks, and other celebrations can give you lasting memories. Using some common sense and following these safety tips can help you to stay safe while having fun this season.

If you do experience a fire, call us at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. We can secure your damaged property and restore it to like-new condition. Our expert crew knows the ins and outs of the insurance business as well as the fire damage restoration process, so we can help you from start to finish. While we hope these safety tips will keep you from needing our services, you can call us 24 hours a day at 978-447-5991 if you have any questions or problems.