Summer Fire Prevention 101

Many people think that the danger of fires is limited to winter months. It’s true that winter time can be hazardous. Holiday lights, fireplaces, and space heaters account for many fires. However, summertime has many fire risks of its own. Backyard bonfires can lead to fires in homes and businesses, and fireworks can set them ablaze as well.

If you experience a fire, LaPointe Construction Board Up Service is here to help put the pieces back together. Our team is experienced in every step of the fire damage restoration process. From the first contact with your insurance agent to the final decorative touches on your restored home, we can walk you through it. However, we would rather you stay safe and avoid a fire in the first place. Follow these tips to stay safe and avoid fire damage this summer.

A common source of summer fires is outdoor cooking. It is a lot of fun to toast marshmallows or cook hot dogs over a campfire, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure that any campfire is safely situated. It should not be close to a building, tent, sleeping bag, or other flammable materials. Watch for dry grass or leaves, overhanging branches, and other vegetation. If you have a portable or permanent fire pit available, use that to make your fire. If not, clear a dirt area and surround it with rocks.

When you are using a barbecue or grill, make sure to keep lighter and starter fluid away from the grill. Keep children and pets a safe distance to avoid burns. If you’re using a barbecue with a gas tank, inspect it for leaks before using.

Fireworks are another common source of summer fires. Fireworks can add a great touch to a celebration, but they should be handled with care. Keep them away from young children and pets. Fireworks and alcohol can be a deadly combination, so make sure that whoever is handling the fireworks can safely do so.

For any type of fire, there are common precautions that can help prevent a disaster.

  • Never leave any fire unattended. If you are going to leave the area, extinguish it thoroughly.
  • Any time you build a fire, have a way to extinguish it quickly. A water hose, shovel and dirt, or extinguisher should be close by.
  • Always keep young children and pets under supervision.
  • Make sure everyone knows what to do in case of fire. Practice “stop, drop, and roll” with young children.
  • Know your local emergency numbers. Keep them handy.
  • Check your smoke or fire detectors and change the batteries regularly.

While the team here at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service wants you to enjoy your summer, we also want you to stay safe. Follow these tips and you will have a safe and fun summer, free of fire damage. If you have any questions or do experience a fire, call 978-447-5991 and our experts will help you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you  need us.