In the Northeast, we are lucky to experience the beauty of all four seasons.  However, each comes with their downfalls as well.  Winter especially makes for treacherous conditions, particularly when driving; icy roads, hazardous weather, and snow packed streets can increase our chances of road-related incidents.  We all do our best to navigate the terrain, but sometimes, an accident is out of our control. 

The winter road conditions can hinder our car’s response time and prevent us from avoiding an accident.  Our cars lose traction on icy roads and can slide into the ditch, oncoming traffic, or buildings.  A corner piled high with snow can reduce our visibility and cause fender benders or injuries.  A multitude of incidents can occur that puts you and others in harm’s way.

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we get many calls from property owners inquiring about our Temporary Shoring Services.  The reason for the call…someone has lost control of their vehicle and has driven through a home or building.  This winter, in hopes to prevent avoidable accidents, we’d like to offer 5 tips for safe winter driving.

  1. Take it slow. When snow and ice are on the roadways, take your time so you can stay in control of your vehicle.  Racing around corners on an icy or snow-packed road can cause injuries and accidents.  Too easily, a car can lose control and ram through someone’s home or business.
  2. Keep your windows clear of snow and ice. Take the time to scrape your windows and run the defroster.  Without the ‘big picture’ your car’s blind spot areas increase.
  3. Be a sober driver. With the season comes holiday parties; drive smart and sober so your reaction time won’t be hindered.
  4. Don’t overcorrect on icy roads. Pump your breaks and be careful not to turn the wheel too abruptly when caught in an icy situation.  No car, truck, or SUV is able to drive on ice-covered roads without losing its traction. 
  5. Tailgating is for football, not driving. In winter conditions, increase the distance between you and the car in front of you so you have time to react should they slam on their brakes.

When you practice safe driving techniques during the winter, you’ll reduce your chances of being involved in an accident as well as the risk of injuring others.  If you are a property owner and suddenly find that someone’s poor driving has resulted in an unexpected remodel, give us a call.

Our professionals respond to your emergency situation with knowledge and expertise.  We have the right equipment to temporarily shore your home so you will have a safe environment to inhabit.  Shoring your property will give you time to look into repairs while ensuring your home or business won’t experience additional structural damage.

From the LaPointe family to yours this year, we wish you a safe holiday season.  Should the need for our services arise, call us at 978-447-5991 or visit our Facebook page at We can help answer any questions you have regarding our Temporary Shoring Services.