Stay safe All summer long

Summer is one of our favorite seasons here at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. There is nothing better than toasting marshmallows over a fire out in the backyard, grilling up some burger or steaks, or watching a great fireworks show to celebrate an occasion.

We have been in the property restoration business here in Massachusetts for over 50 years, and we want our friends and neighbors to enjoy their summer as much as we do. However, we want to do stay safe too! Follow these safety tips to have a great and fire-free summer.

There are three major causes of summertime fires. Fireworks, bonfires or campfires, and outdoor cooking are the main culprits. Any time you are around these, you need to be cautious or a fun evening with friends can turn into a disaster. Keep these safety tips in mind to make it through summer safely.

Many summer holidays end with a fireworks celebration. This can be a wonderful show, but enjoy it responsibly.

  • Fireworks and alcohol are a deadly combination. Make sure whoever is handling your fireworks is not impaired.
  • Never set fireworks off close to a dry field or other flammable material.
  • Don’t store fireworks close to a fire, heater, or other source of ignition.
  • Only use legal fireworks bought from a reputable source. Illegal fireworks may explode early.

Campfires and bonfires can be great fun. One of our favorite things to do in summer is eating smores around a campfire, but you have to be careful.

  • Don’t build fires too close to your home, dry grass or leaves, or fuel tanks.
  • If one is available use an established fire ring or a portable fire pit. If you don’t have one of those, clear a space in the dirt so there is no vegetation and surround it with rocks. This can help prevent stray sparks from igniting.
  • While a huge roaring bonfire is exciting, it is also hard to control. Always remember that a smaller fire is a safer fire.
  • Always make sure your fires is completely extinguished before leaving the area.

Outdoor cooking is another source of fires. Grilling up some steaks or chicken is a great activity with family and friends, but take care to avoid fires or burns.

  • Keep lighter and starter fluids away from flames or heat sources.
  • Keep grills and barbecues a safe distance from the walls of your home.
  • Don’t use equipment intended for outdoor use inside.

Any time you are using fire, follow basic precautions.

  • Pets and young children should be closely supervised and kept at a safe distance. Most pets would prefer to be indoors during fireworks anyway.
  • Always have a way to extinguish your fire. A shovel and dirt or sand, water, or an extinguisher should be within reach at all times.
  • Know your local emergency numbers, as well as how to direct emergency workers to your location.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to enjoy the summer weather without any adverse events. If you do experience a fire, the team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service is here to help you. Our family owned business has been operating here in Massachusetts for over 50 years, and we are experts at fire damage restoration. Call us at 978-447-5991 and we can help to secure your property and restore it to pre-fire condition.