Services You Need During Fire Damage Restoration

When you experience a residential fire, the work does not stop when the fire is put out. You may not realize it, but firefighters are unable to leave the scene until the danger is past which in part means that your home is boarded and/or fenced to prevent access. The firefighters turn the work over to our experts to continue to secure the home. Here are five steps to our restoration process.

Step One: You Make Contact With LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service

Firefighters access a home through doors and windows which leaves open areas that will need immediate boarding which is why we offer 24-hour emergency response service. There may also be structural damage to the roof that requires tarping or structural damage that requires immediate shoring to make the home stable enough to begin restoration. We want our customers to feel peace-of-mind that their home and possessions are secure so that restoration can begin.

Step Two: Property Assessment

Once our emergency personnel are on-site, we will assess how much damage occurred from the fire, smoke, or soot. There will also be a consideration made on the water damage sustained from emergency response. We will also assess the damage to your furniture and possessions to give you a proper estimate that will take into consideration the services we believe you need as well as anything we think will help you as the fire restoration project begins. Our service includes:

  • 24-hour board up service
  • General Contracting
  • Fire And Water Restoration
  • Clean Outs
  • Gut Outs
  • Property Maintenance Services
  • Temporary Fence Rental
  • Temporary Shoring

Step Three: Restoration Begins With Shoring, Tarping, Board-Up, And Fencing

First, safety is always our first concern. We begin with shoring as it is critical to secure the integrity of the structure before doing any further work to the interior. If water is present, we also need to perform duties that are important for water restoration. We will want to tarp the roof if there is damage to prevent water leaks. We also want to prevent access, so fencing is an option.

Step Four:  Restoration Begins

Now that everything is secure, it is time to begin the restoration process. We begin by cleaning the property and fully disposing of damaged property that we cannot salvage and that you have identified as disposable. During this process, we will also use professional-grade techniques to dry out any standing water, remove wet flooring, and sterilize the property which is vital since we want to ensure that mold and mildew do not set in. We will also remove any odors present.

Step Five: Renovation

For the things that you had to discard, we will renovate and consult with you on any new cabinetry, interior design concepts, flooring, or furniture you wish to install. Living through a house fire is devastating which is why we want to make sure we leave it better than it was. While renovating, we will consult with you every step of the way so that you love the finished project.

Do you want to know more about any of the services we provide? You can call us at LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service at (978) 447-5991 or visit us on Facebook here.