Recovering from the Unexpected Water Damage Restoration and You

Water damage is never something that you expect. However, if you are prepared for the possibility, then it can be much less stressful. There are ways to reduce your risks, as well as steps that you can take immediately after discovering water damage that can help to reduce the damage and minimize your costs.

What can you do to prevent water damage?
One of the most basic ways to prevent water damage is to be aware of risks. Especially if you have an older home, have your plumbing inspected and updated if needed. During the winter months, hire a winterization service to help reduce the chances of burst pipes. You can reduce the chances of flooding by making sure that gutters and downspouts are clear of debris, clearing ice and snow from your roof and away from walls before the spring melt season, and having your roof inspected for damage.

What do you do if water is discovered where it shouldn’t be?
If you discover a leak or flooding, the first step is to make sure no more water is coming in. In some cases, this is a simple task, such as when the water line to an ice maker is leaking. Turning off the water to that line will stop any more water from leaking. Often, however, the leak is within the walls or water is coming from an unknown source. In that case, call in experts like our team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. We can locate the source of water, make sure it is resolved, and begin repair and restoration right away. It is very important to take care of water damage quickly. Any moisture that is allowed to sit can cause mold to develop.

What happens next?
Depending on the extent of the damage, we may use pumps, vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers to help thoroughly dry the affected area. Material like carpeting and drywall is often destroyed after coming into contact with water. Wood, however, can sometimes be restored to its original condition. Our expert team will address your unique situation and, in consultation with you and your insurance company, develop a restoration plan that meets all of your needs.

In addition to water damage restoration, our team is experienced in fire and smoke damage, general contracting, and property winterization.  Our temporary shoring services can make your damaged or wea. We rent temporary fencing to secure your property or for special events. We can For over 50 years, our family owned and operated business has developed a great reputation with our customers and neighbors. When you find yourself facing a problem with your property, call on LaPointe Construction Board Up Service at 978-447-5991. Our highly trained team is always on call to help you.