Protecting Your Family Memories

Most businesses exist to fulfill a need.  At LaPointe Construction Board Up Services, we know there is a need for restoration and construction due to unforeseen disasters and emergencies.  A fire is one of the worst disasters home owners face.  As a locally owned and operated family business, our hearts go out to each and every one of our clients and community members who have ever had to live through this experience.

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things that help make the traumatic experience of a fire a bit easier to deal with.  We’ve listened to our customers and have found that the first thing they find happiness in is the health of everyone involved.  Priceless heirlooms are next in line to be assessed.  After those important topics, people commonly say that anything else can be replaced.  So how can you ensure the safety of your family and protection of your heirlooms and memories?

Unfortunately, when you have a fire, it is not possible, nor safe to save priceless artifacts.  However, we have a few suggestions that might help make your life after the fire run more smoothly.

Check your smoke alarms:  Alarms should be tested every month and their batteries should be changed each year.  Every bedroom in your home should have an alarm as well as the hallways outside the bedrooms.  Experts recommend an alarm on every floor and in every room of your home.

Take pictures of every room:  Send each picture to your email address.  Create a file with your address and store all pictures there.  We suggest taking new pictures every year from multiple angles.  Doing so will act as a guide for your insurance company when it comes time to itemize your possessions.

Take pictures or scan your receipts:  For all of your major home purchases, follow the suggestion above and file the receipts in the same folder.  This should include electronics, furniture purchases, and jewelry.

Have your heirlooms appraised:  You may have received an old desk or antique from your parents or grandparents.  Have it appraised and take a picture of the piece.  While insurance companies will not be able to replace these items, your insurance will cover the appraised item provided your insurance plan includes this property.

Back up your pictures:  So many times after fires, people are most upset about losing their photographs.  This is entirely understandable.  Consider backing up your pictures to an online site or keep a flash drive of your photos in a safe deposit box.

In the event that you have a fire in your home, know that you can call our experts 24/7.  Our professionals can help reconstruct your property after a fire.  We will secure your property and work with you to restore your home to the condition it was before the fire.  Our fire damage reconstruction team will walk you through our process so you can make informed decisions.  You can call us at 978-447-5991 or visit our Facebook page at to learn more about how we can help after a fire.