Protect Your Property By Hiring A Water And Fire Damage Restoration Company

Are you worried about experiencing a home or business flood or fire? Not only will a flood and fire cause structural damage, but it exposes your family to safety and health risks because of smoke, standing water, and soot. Here are three reasons to hire a professional water and fire damage restoration company like LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service which provides 24-hour emergency services for board up, fencing, clean out, gut out, construction, odor neutralization, water removal, and fire restoration needs.

  1. 24-Hour Response Time Which Prevents Damage From Worsening

Residential and business property owners who experience fires will attest to the devastating feeling of seeing their property burned. To take on this type of project yourself is a major undertaking that will require you to figure out it all out quickly. A delay because of inexperience and lack of industry knowledge will lead to damage worsening even by putting off the drying out and cleanout for a few days. By calling LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service immediately, trained professionals will respond and help you assess the damage, board-up the windows and doors, and put up fencing while we work with you to plan the smoke and fire damage restoration.

  1. Commercial Grade Equipment For Cleaning, Construction, And Odor Removal

It will be cheaper to hire our experts than renting industrial fans for the ventilation and dry-out stage. You will also have to buy the proper materials to board up your home, and without renting the fencing, it leaves you vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. You must also clean-out and clean-up the property which will require you to rent industrial shop vacuums to remove the smoke and soot from surface areas. The odor will be problematic, so you will need commercial cleaning products. Experts understand the health and safety risks your family is exposed and will be able to provide all of the services you need for complete fire damage and restoration projects.

  1. Full Access To Board-Up, Fencing, Clean-Up, Construction, And Restoration Services

There are many stages you will experience from the moment the fire department gets on site to the moment the fire and restoration company finishes renovating your home. LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service provides all of the services you will need for a full restoration from the board up and fencing to clean out, construction, odor removal, water extraction, and fire restoration. You also have access to experts with forty years of construction experience as well as five years providing emergency services to hundreds of Massachusetts families. 

The value of hiring us for water and fire damage restoration is that we begin the process immediately which provide property protection until you are ready to begin the damage assessment and clean-up. As we prioritize safety, we will ensure your property’s structural integrity is secure and provide temporary shoring when necessary. Hiring a professional will also give you peace-of-mind that everything will be restored to a like-new condition. Even if you decide to handle the clean-up on your own, you can still get board-up, fencing or inspections for shoring or construction to help save you time and money. Do you want to know more? Call us at (978) 447-5991 or visit us on Facebook for ways hiring us will help you.