Protect Your Business With a Parking Bollard

If you own a retail business or restaurant, you know that the right location can be the base of your success.  Having a storefront along a bustling pedestrian route, or on a main street makes you easy to reach and accessible.  However, there are risks as well.  One of the problems that can occur is that a vehicle can lose control and crash through your beautiful store.  Drivers can be distracted, swerve to avoid an accident or be experiencing a health problem.  As a business owner, you can protect your building, your employees, and your customers by installing barriers that will prevent cars crashing through your window.

In cases where you rent the building, speak to your landlord regarding options that can be implemented to ensure the safety of the building and occupants.  If you own the property yourself and have a concern, take the time to research how parking bollards and barriers can prevent disasters.

Typically, a bollard is a cement or steel border that is placed in the parking area or on the walkway around the perimeter of a building.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily have to be an eyesore.  There are some innovative companies that can build cement planters which can hold seasonal flowers while being strong enough to keep a car from running through your store.  Others have made concrete barriers to resemble trees.  Of course, you’ll have to check with your city government first in order to get the right permit in place, but once that is handled, here are a few things to consider when shopping for which bollards:

  1. What areas do you need to protect?  The front door, the service door, utility boxes, large windowed areas?
  2. What city codes need to be considered? Are there regulations regarding the style or type?
  3. Do you need concrete or steel bollards?
  4. Do the bollards need to be permanent or removable?
  5. Would you need a lighted bollard?
  6. Should the bollards accommodate bikes?

A parking bollard does not have to be a glaring yellow post right in front of your business.  Shop around to find something that works for you.  By having them installed, you’ll greatly reduce the potential for an accident.  Even if your business doesn’t face the street, you’ll still have a safety mechanism in place should the need arise.  Drivers often pull into a parking area, keep their foot on the brake and get sidetracked forgetting that they haven’t put the vehicle in park.  They may be checking their cell phone before they realize, too late, that the car is moving.

If your business does have a car vs. store accident, call our team at LaPointe Construction Board Up.  We’ll board up the damaged area and clean up the debris and glass so you can return to your customers as soon as possible.  Reach us at 978-447-5991 for any emergency, or go to our Facebook page at to learn more about our Board Up Services.