Preventing Springtime Building Issues

It’s always a relief to say goodbye to winter and usher in the milder days of spring. However, the thawing cycle of spring can bring with it problems for your building or unearth issues that developed over the winter. By performing frequent maintenance and inspection of your building, you can identify any concerns early on. When the birds start chirping and the trees begin to go green, make sure to do a full inspection to identify the common issues listed here right away. Many of the issues mentioned in this article can necessitate the need for shoring a building if they become too severe. If that is the case in your situation, LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service has decades of experience in shoring up residential and commercial properties.

Inspect electrical elements for signs of wear and tear.

Pay attention to the function of the lights and other electrical elements of your property. If you have any dead outlets, flickering lights, or wonky light switches, these could all be a sign of poor, aging connections or even rodent damage to your electrical wiring. Short circuits and poorly insulated wires cause fires every year. If you have any concerns, call in a certified electrician.

Inspect your building after spring storms.

Winter storms, with heavy winds, blinding snow, and ice can be quite damaging and hard on your building’s exterior. However, as the seasons change, it brings about strong spring storms that rival winter’s damaging intensity, with torrential rain that can cause flooding, strong winds, and hail. After a storm, especially if it was a heavy one, assess the exterior and interior of your property thoroughly for any signs of damage, such as leaks, trouble signs such as sagging with the structure, or broken windows. You’ll want to act fast to have these issues taken care of by a company like LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service to prevent further damage.

Watch out for damage from cars.

If your building is close to the road, then car accidents may be a concern, especially in wet weather. It’s a situation that happens more commonly than many realize. Accidental damage to structures from vehicles is the most common reason to shore a home until major reconstruction can take place.

Check for any water damage.

If your property has a basement, be sure to keep an eye out for flooding or water leaks. Inspect your ceiling for any water spots, bulging, or other signs that water is getting in. It’s also important to check around your windows. Damp sills can be a sign of poorly insulated windows, but they can also be indicative of window leaks. Even having a lot of snow around the perimeter of your home can be a problem if it melts quickly, as it can seep down into the foundation. If you identify any of these issues, act promptly before the problem gets worse. Keeping moisture out of your home is an important step toward preserving it.

An emergency afflicting your home is always a time of stress, but we want to lighten the load so that the experience is less upsetting. Our 50 years of experience at LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service can help you rest assured that your home is in great hands. Our company can provide temporary shoring service to keep your home stable, allowing you the time to determine the best restoration options moving forward.

In the event that your property is in need of shoring services, we can help. LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service can be there whenever you need shoring for your property anywhere in the Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area. If you’ve found yourself in an emergency that requires assistance, call us today at 978-447-5991. If you’d like to learn more about the extent of our services at LCBS, check us out on Facebook at