When planning your deck there are many points you should consider.  Take note of the features you would like to include such as the shape, size, and most importantly, the kind of decking you would like to have.  In this region most homes are expected to have a deck and by simply having one can significantly increase the value of your property.  These values can also be greatly affected by the size and quality of your deck.  One of the major aspects to consider is the size of the deck in comparison to your home.  In general LaPointe Construction Board Up Service recommends you build a deck large enough to suit your need without going overboard.  For instance, a large home can house a large deck and the proportions will be correct while a large deck on a smaller home will appear overwhelming.  However, there is no set size a deck should be with regards to your home.

What Will the Purpose of the Deck Be?

This is a crucial question is one which LaPointe Construction Board Up Service like to ask clients because it will help you determine the features of your deck.  Will it be for family functions?  Is it for the entryway to your home?  Will you barbecue on the deck?  Knowing the answers to these simple questions will help you in the design process.

Take the Patio Furniture into Account

In addition to the uses your deck will be for we also like to ask our clients what patio furniture they will be utilizing on the deck.  Generally speaking less than 11 feet deep is much too tight for even a small table.  We recommend 12 to 16 feet as a good starting point as it will allow room around a table to move and breathe.


Another important aspect to consider is where you would like to have your deck’s stairs.  Placement of the stairs as well as traffic patterns is a large part of useful deck design.  Make sure you keep in mind the possible pathways from the door to the stairs because it is best to keep at least one of these areas clear of seating.

Deck Maintenance

While some companies may advertise no maintenance deck materials there is no such thing with the exception of composite decks which offer low maintenance.  The biggest enemy of decks is water.  Moisture can cause the decking to warp which can further lead to cracking, dry rot, and splinter which no one likes.  To prevent any of these damaging characteristics we recommend that you sweep your deck regularly in order to keep leaves, puddles, and snow off of your deck.  If you neglect your deck the boards will eventually begin to feel soft and then soon after lose their structural integrity.

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