Is Property Board Up Service Right For You?

Properties that have been significantly damaged due to fires, storms, and other causes can be vulnerable if doors and windows are broken. Whether your windows were shattered by flames or your doors knocked in by the destructive winds of a storm, you may not always be able to have repairs performed right away. These entrances are meant to keep your property secure and leaving them unprotected could lead to many costly problems.

LaPointe Construction Board Up Service offers fast-responding services after fire and water damage, including board up service, an important part of the property restoration process. Homeowners, business owners, and landlords can contact our company in the Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment.

The Purpose of Board Up Service for Properties

Board up service is a temporary measure that can be used to protect affected windows and doors until permanent repairs can take place. The term refers to the process of cutting and fitting wooden boards to broken windows and doors so that these vulnerable entry points are blocked off. When placed by our professional team, boards can remain for as long as needed until property restoration can take place. Fast action when your property is damaged is crucial to minimize further complications.

Vacant damaged buildings are not only an eyesore, but can be vulnerable to vandalism and intrusion. This is especially true during the winter months. Thieves may steal wiring and other material from inside. Animals also find vacant buildings with broken windows or unprotected doors to be inviting as they look for a way to escape the season’s pervasive chill.

Unwanted intruders aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when your building has damaged windows and doors. Rain or snow accumulation, fluctuating temperatures, and strong winds can cause additional wear and tear to the interior of your building. Depending on how long your property sits until repairs are performed, this could lead to extensive amount of damage, including structural issues from excessive moisture and mold growth.

Board up services are also utilized as a preemptive measure to protect windows that are still intact from being damaged by future storms. Vacation houses, for example, that are only used part of the year may benefit from having the windows boarded up during the off season.

Professional Board Up Services

The team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service has perfected our board up process over the years. Measurements of your windows and doors are taken so that we’re able to precisely cut custom wooden boards. The boards are put in place securely so that you can rest assured that your residential or commercial property is fully protected. Boards are affixed in a way that doesn’t cause further damage to the window frames or walls. Board up service is a relatively inexpensive and effective means of property stabilization.

If you think your property in Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire would benefit from board up service, contact LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. Our team is dedicated to assisting property owners in the area by protecting and securing their homes, businesses, and belongings. We’re available both by appointment and for 24-hour assistance. Give us a call today at (978) 447-5991. For more information about the services that we offer, we invite you to check us out on Facebook at