How to Stay Safe during a Tornado

We might not live in tornado alley, but that doesn’t mean the Northeast is immune to damaging storms.  We get our fair share of tornados.  Not only that, we also are hit with hurricanes from time to time.  The high winds associated with these storms do a number on our homes.  The peak of our tornado season is usually the early part of summer, but a tornado can strike at any time.

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we have years of experience protecting property owner’s homes after a storm damages their house.  While we can’t control Mother Nature, we can provide these helpful tips to ensure your safety during a tornado.

  • First and foremost, do not go outside when your area is in a tornado warning. Amateur storm trackers have little to no place outdoors.  Flying debris from high-velocity winds can cause serious injury or death.  Leave the storm tracking to the professionals and find a safe place indoors.
  • Prepare a safety plan now. Discuss with your family a single meet-up place should phones and power lines go down while you are away from the home.  After the storm has passed, if you are unable to get home, this can serve as a place to unite.
  • Heed tornado warnings and watches. When you are alerted to a potential weather situation, make sure you are prepared.  This is a good time to gather flashlights, a first aid kit, a radio, bottled water, and other items to ride out the storm.
  • Know the signs of favorable tornado conditions. If you are away from your normal methods of warning, it is imperative that you understand the signs.  If you are outdoors and notice a wall cloud, darkening greenish-black skies, changing wind directions, debris and funnel clouds, or a loud noise that sounds like a train… seek shelter immediately. 
  • Seek shelter in non-windowed rooms at the lowest level of your home.
  • Don’t ignore tornado sirens. Even with clear skies in the area, a tornado could appear out of nowhere.  Similarly, sirens will alert you to high winds in the area.

Tornados pack strong winds that blow down trees and toss items around in a path of destruction. With a smart safety plan in place you and your family will reduce the risk of injuries.   If your home experiences damage from falling debris, call our team.  We provide Board Up Services that will board up the damaged areas of your home.  When you secure the openings and broken windows caused by storms and high winds, you prevent additional damage to your home while awaiting repairs. 

We hope you and your family never has to live through a natural disaster like a tornado, but if you do, know that our team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service will be ready to secure your home so your family will be safe. 

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