Hidden Dangers of Water in Your Basement

Your basement can flood due to any number of events.  Typically, a flooded basement is caused by heavy rains, a broken pipe, a ruptured water heater, or sewage lines that are backed up.  The bad news is that these are all unpredictable events that you have no control over.  The good news: we have the solution to fix the problem should the water cause extensive structural damage.

Fast attention to the problem is the best course of action you can take.  When water sits too long in your basement it can damage flooring, furniture, electronics, and anything else it touches.  Mold can grow within 24-48 hours causing additional damage to your property.  Both mold and water can damage the structure of the home as well, weakening support beams. 

Be aware of your surroundings if you do have water in your basement.  Here are the most dangerous risks of which you should be aware:

Concealed Damage: The construction material of your home absorbs water and moisture which will weaken and damage the material if left untreated.  Porous items will rot if not dried properly and other items can rust out.

Mold: If the area is not thoroughly dried, mold will begin to grow, some of which could be harmful to you and your families health.  Use fans and dehumidifiers to make sure the entire area is free of moisture. 

Electrical Hazards:  Water is an excellent conduit for electricity and unfortunately, your circuit breaker is probably in the basement.  Evaluate the water level before coming into contact with the water.  Call your electric company if there is a risk and they can shut off your electricity so you can safely navigate the damage.  Wear rubber boots and rubber gloves in shallow depths to avoid electrocution.

Contaminated Water:  If the flooding is due to an area flood or storm, the water could contain raw sewage backing up into your home.  Take precautions and wear the appropriate safety gear when working to clean the basement.  

The nature of a flooded basement along with the amount of water will help determine your course of action.  High levels of water require professional help as water can hinder the strength of the structure and framework of your home.  If you have structural damage due to the effects of a storm or because of water damage to your home, call the experts at LaPointe Construction Board up Service regarding our Temporary Shoring Service.  We’ll shore your home so you will be safe while waiting for repairs to be made. 

If you have experienced a water problem that has affected the structure and foundation of your home, give us a call at 978-447-5991.  Our Temporary Shoring Service will prevent additional damage and keep you and your family safe.  Learn more about our services by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LaPointeConstruction.