Hidden Dangers of Fire Damage

The dangers caused by a fire aren’t extinguished when the flames are put out.  Yes, it can be dangerous structurally to enter a fire damaged home, but did you know that there are also many hidden dangers associated with fires?  Fire damage has a way of lingering for years and if it is not cleaned up and attended to properly you probably won’t get all of the soot and mold.

Soot is the residue left behind by the smoke and what it contains can vary based on things like what was burned, what caused the fire, and whether or not what burned was toxic.  Soot and mold can both be very dangerous which is why you should call a professional such as LaPointe Construction Board Up Service.  Don’t risk exposing yourself to potentially harmful soot and mold during a time that is already stressful and draining.  Here are some of the hidden dangers associated with fire damage.

It Might Have Disturbed Asbestos

We all know that asbestos is toxic and in the fire and extinguishing process it might have been disturbed which means it could have released the toxic fibers that cause mesothelioma.  This can have long term affects on your health which means it is a good idea to give a professional, like us a call.

Soot Can Get Into Your Bloodstream

Soot is composed of tiny particles that can actually penetrate your bloodstream and lungs before you even know it is happening.  Breathing in soot can cause cancer as well as developmental and reproductive harm.  These microscopic particles are more dangerous than most people realize and have actually been attributed to a wide range of health issues such as premature death, heart attacks, strokes, bronchitis, and aggravated asthma.  So why take the risk when you can call a professional like LaPointe Construction Board Up Service to help you efficiently and safely clean your home!

Black Mold Can Kill

No matter how a fire is put out you can be sure that water was used to some extent in the extinguishing process which means that your home likely suffered water damage.  With this water comes the risk of growing mildew, mold, and black mold.  Mildew and mold can aggravate allergies and asthma, but black mold is much more dangerous.  It typically grows in dark and hidden areas so it can be difficult to spot.  If left to grow too long black mold can eventually give you symptom such as mental and neurological issues, respiratory issues, circulatory problems, vision issues, skin conditions, problems with your immune system, etc. all before killing you.

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