Happy Independence Day from our family at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service.  We want to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable week of parades, barbeques, and fun.  The 4th of July is a federal holiday to remember our great nation and traditionally celebrated with outdoor activities that all can enjoy.  The night is topped off with bright displays of glorious fireworks, but if handled improperly, can result in utter devastation and destruction. 

Make sure you follow safe guidelines this year so you don’t have to give our Fire Damage Restoration a call.  Here are just a few things that could go wrong and why implementing safety rules are important:

Fireworks can tip over:  Follow the directions on each label.  Make sure every firework is set up correctly and stabilized…even the smallest ones!  If the firework tips over and shoots in the wrong direction it can cause injuries or start a fire.

Fireworks can deploy improperly:  If a firework shoots off at ground level instead of in the sky, injuries can occur.  Keep spectators a safe distance away from the point of ignition and designate only one person to be in charge of lighting the fuses.  At ground level, the blast and heat of a firework can cause burns, injuries, and potentially fires.

Fireworks can partially fire:  Sometime, with larger fireworks, you may find that they don’t all go off.  Never relight a fuse or go near these.  It is possible that the fuse is still hot and may reignite itself causing injuries to anyone close by.  Wait at least 20 minutes before going near it and then submerge it completely in water overnight.

Fireworks can spawn embers and hot debris to fall over the audience and property:  This can be caused by a change in wind direction or misplacement of the fireworks.  Have a hose nearby and a bucket of water so stray embers can be put out quickly.  One ember can smolder on a rooftop or tree and easily start a fire.

Fireworks can ignite other fireworks:  This is often called cross ignition and can cause all of your displays to go off at once.  The danger here is the high volume of explosives going off at the same time.  Spectators can be burned or injured and property can be damaged.  Again, make sure everyone is safe by keeping them a safe distance away from the fireworks.

If you are using fireworks this year, make sure you follow your city codes and use safety measures like wearing safety glasses and heat resistant gloves, have water on hand for fires and for spent fireworks, and ensure people stay away from the ignition area.

If you do experience a property fire, give our team a call.  Our Fire Damage Restoration team at LaPointe is always ready to respond to your emergencies, and we’ll do our best to make sure your home is restores as quickly as possible.  Call us at 978-447-5991 if you have a need for our services or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LaPointeConstruction to learn more.

Happy 4th of July!