The end of summer is near.  School is back in session and vacations have wrapped up.  For homeowners with vacation rental properties, it’s time to bring the season to a close and winterize your property.  Below is a checklist to consider when you batten up the hatches for the year.  These proactive steps will maximize the protection of your property and keep it safe and secure until next spring.

  1. Foundation check. Inspect the property’s foundation for water damage.  Seal cracks and clear yard debris surrounding the home.  This will improve the water run-off that will occur from rain and snow and keep your home safe.
  2. Windows and Doors. Use weather stripping or silicone sealant to keep the home draft-free. 
  3. Board up windows and doors to prevent broken windows and break-ins from occurring.
  4. Inspect your roof for hail and storm damage. Fix any problems immediately.
  5. Clean out gutters so leaves and debris don’t cause water drainage issues later.
  6. Take proper steps to shut off utilities and winterize the home.
  7. Check plumbing for any issues and insulate any pipes that are close to the exterior of the home.
  8. Cover furniture with drop cloths or sheets. The layers of dust that accumulate will be easier to clean next spring.
  9. Check for garbage and food that will spoil. Vacationers leave a lot of waste behind.  Clean out garbage bins and refrigerator to prevent rot and unwanted odors.
  10. Check the grade/slope of the yard and look for structural issues.

While we all want to assume the best in people, you may have unknowingly hosted an excitable group of people.  Structural damage may be hard to see by the untrained eye, so consider hiring an inspector or engineer for the project.  Uneven floors, cracks in the walls, or loose posts can be a sign that the foundation is in need of repair.

If your property is in need of help, the fall is a great time to catch any problems.  Our experts at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service can temporarily shore your property so repairs can be done before the winter months arrive.  It’s best to fix the foundation or structure now, before cold temperatures make the ground unmanageable and the structure more prone to damages.

Taking steps to prevent damage now while protecting your property for the winter will ensure it passes winter undisturbed.  You’ll be protecting your investment and have an easier time opening up your vacation home next year. 

Give us a call if you need help boarding up windows or if you need to temporarily shore your home.  You’ll have a safe environment to conduct repairs.  Call us at 978-447-5991 to learn more about our Temporary Shoring service or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LaPointeConstruction for more information about our home solutions.