Fall temperatures are upon us which means it’s time to look towards what winter will bring.  Seasonal changes in the Northeast bring cooler nights and warm fires.  Combating cooler temperatures means an increase in energy bills, a surge of fireplace use, and an in escalation in-home fire incidents. 

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we are more than aware of what the changing seasons can bring.  Besides pumpkins, football, warm mittens, and comfort food, we see a rise in household fires.  We’ve listed some great tips to stay safe and prevent fires this fall below.

  1. Clean out your dryer vent. So, this isn’t necessarily associated with fall, but heavy sweaters and fleeces have a lot of lint when dried.  Use the fall as a yearly event to clean out your dryer vent.  Unhook the tube from the back of the dryer and use a vacuum or wire brush to unclog any lint stuck in the vent.  Make sure the vent on the exterior of your home is clear of lint and debris as well.  Keep in mind birds love to build nests here if not properly covered.
  2. Have your chimney cleaned. This should be a spring or summer activity, but if you haven’t done it yet, here is your friendly reminder to have it professionally cleaned before you use it this fall.
  3. Test your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Make sure the batteries are fresh and the devices are operating properly.
  4. Construct a fire evacuation plan. If you didn’t do this back during Fire Prevention Week, do it now!  Having a plan in place that all ages can understand can reduce anxiety and make sure everyone gets out of the house in a safe manner.
  5. Practice fire safety when using fire pits or bonfires. A crisp fall night is great around an outdoor fire when proper safety steps are taken.

Fire safety and preparedness goes a long way in the event of a fire.  Keep fire extinguishers on each floor and an additional one in your kitchen where it is easily accessible.  In the event of a fire, call LaPointe.  Once the fire is out, we can assess the situation and work with you to devise a Fire Damage Restoration plan.  We’ll take care of water damaged belongings and areas and work to repair your property.  Your home will be restored to its previous condition with professionalism and efficiency.  We understand the disruption you face when a fire occurs and we work hard to get you back on your feet and into your home as quickly as possible. 

Call us when you have a home emergency at 978-447-5991.  Learn more about our Fire Damage Restoration Services on our website or on our Facebook page at