In most of cases taking basic precautions such as switching to fire-less candles or cleaning lint from the dryer vent could have prevented the fires in the first place.

Fire Mitigation

Mitigation by definition is the effort to reduce the loss of life and property if there is a disaster.  This means that you should take action to understand the risks.  It also means that you should take proactive measures to manage these risks such as obtaining insurance to cover fire restoration costs or investing in community services.

Fire Damage Restoration

This process of restoration begins after a fire has been put out and the proper authorities deem the site safe for repairs to begin.  Be wary of the acidity of smoke which is a byproduct of fire.  This acidic byproduct is capable of corroding and staining surface such as walls and counters.  In some instances, fires are so stubborn that the steps taken to put out the fire can actually cause more damage than the fire alone.  This is why at LaPointe Construction Board Up we take heed with our restoration services and our skilled technicians are trained to deal with heat, smoke, and water damage.

Fire Damage Prevention

This is perhaps the most important key term because it will help you ensure that a fire does not affect your property.  Here are a few things you can do to make sure that a fire does not interrupt your life:

  • Clear dried plant debris from your property.
  • Make sure smoke alarms are installed properly and check monthly.
  • Make sure stoves and other heating appliances are turned off when you are done.
  • If your home is old have your electrical wiring checked by a professional.

What You Can Do on Your Own

In the event that your property suffers from a fire there are a number of things you can do while you wait for LaPointe Construction Board Up Service to arrive after the firefighters leave.

  • Open all the windows and allow the smoke to move out of the rooms.
  • Move pets and children to a smoke-free environment. You can begin by asking a neighbor you trust and then eventually move into a temporary home with friends or family for the duration of the restoration.
  • Empty your fridge and freezer if you have no power and leave the doors propped open.
  • Inventory the items in your home. Take pictures of the damage as well.

What to Leave to the Professionals

While there is a lot you can do in the time leading up to LaPointe Construction Board Up’s rapid response there are some tasks that should be left to the professionals.

  • Do not wipe walls, wood trim, furniture, etc.
  • Do not sit on or move upholstered furniture.
  • Do not consume any food product, even canned goods.
  • Do not turn on furnaces or air conditioners.
  • Stay away from electrical devices such as TVs, appliances, etc.

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