Fire Damage Restoration

Where To Begin?

Has your home fallen victim to a fire or other disaster? If so, give LaPointe Construction Boardup a call at 978-447-5991. We have the best trained emergency responders with local professionals who will be at your side in under an hour.

By choosing LaPointe Construction Boardup you are making a smart decision that will give you peace of mind. We are the premiere emergency response company that is trusted by more local fire departments and insurance providers than any other in the area.

When your home is under attack your life can be turned completely sideways. The hardest part is knowing who to call and where to begin. Disaster situations are often stressful because of what has happened and also what comes next. If you can, it is important to stay calm, ask questions, and use your intuition as you begin to piece your life back together.

The Solution

Lucky for you LaPointe Construction Boardup has highly trained emergency responders that are prepared to help you work through the recovery process. Our professionals have helped clients through the rebuilding process many times over and know exactly what to do to suit your needs.

You can take advantage of our professional technicians’ expertise to help understand and take control of your situation. They will be there by your side to answer questions you may have and pose others that you may not have thought of. By calling us at LaPointe Construction Boardup you can begin to rebuild your life!

The Recovery Process

The rebuilding process can be long and arduous. It can even be disorienting and devastating. Most victims feel lost, confused, and helpless; however, with help you can regain control of the situation. This is not a fast or easy process, but instead begins with small steps that can be taken one at a time.

Here at LaPointe Construction Boardup our experienced emergency response teams have been through disaster recoveries various times and in many different situations. They know how to guide you through the necessary steps to full recovery. The best way to regain control of your life and put it back together is by taking advantage of our professionals’ extensive knowledge. By knowing what resources are available to you and your family you have already taken the first and hardest step in recovery.

Protecting Your Property From Further Damage

LaPointe Construction Boardup’s most trusted rapid response team is there to help prevent further damage to your home. Exposing damaged homes to the elements can often further damage your home and therefore increase your repair time and costs.

Additionally, fire damaged buildings are dangerous, so be safe and call professionals! Do not reenter your home unless you have spoken with a firefighter on scene and they have told you it is ok to enter. Even when they ok entry it does not mean that the building is safe to enter. Damaged buildings might be cleared, but underlying hazards may still exist such as damaged foundations, walls, protruding nails, etc.

If your property has suffered from a fire give us a call at LaPointe Construction Boardup Service for professional and caring service. We are available 24/7 at 978-447-5991 or check us out on Facebook at