It’s hard to believe that the holidays are behind us.  By now, most of you have packed away your holiday décor and tossed out all of the wrapping paper and empty boxes.  But, what have you done with your tree if you had a real one up this year? 

In the long nights of winter, it’s so pleasant to turn on your holiday lights and bask in the muted glow of a sparkling tree.   Kudos to you if you’ve gotten rid of your tree already!  However, for your safety, our Fire Damage Restoration experts have compiled a list of reasons as to why it’s time to toss out the tree for the rest of you still hanging on to the spirit of the holidays:

  1. Evergreens dry up fast!  If you haven’t watered your tree every day, then your tree is drying out.  The needles become brittle and easily ignite if placed too close to an open flame, or if your lights short out.  A quick internet search will provide you with videos on just how fast a poorly cared for tree can ignite.
  2. Holiday city trash services offer convenient pick up and drop off times. Take advantage of the services the city offers.  Look up your waste management company to understand what options you have for properly disposing your tree as most cities offer pickup through the 2nd week of the year.  There may also be charitable groups in the area that will pick up your old tree.
  3. Resist temptation for trouble. We recommend NOT burning your own tree.  Fire fueled by the harsh winter wind will create a catastrophe that will result in extensive damages and possibly cause injuries.
  4. Some consider it bad luck. For those who are superstitious, there are a few theories of the best time to take down your tree.  Some say throw it out the last day of the year so that you don’t bring last year’s ‘baggage’ into the New Year, others view January 5th…the 12th night…as the day to take it down.

So, if you haven’t made the time by now to take down your tree, make it a priority on your to-do list today.  Putting it off could bring a lot more hassle than leaving it up.  If you do find yourself in the midst of a fire disaster, call our professionals for your emergency fire restoration needs.  Our experts will arrive on site and secure your home in order to prevent further damage.  Then we will begin the cleanup process.  We will board up any open areas to keep your home protected from weather, pests, and intruders. We’ll work quickly to salvage, clean, and dry your home.  Once clear of odors and soot residue, our construction crew will begin repairs. 

For more information, call us at 978-447-5991 or visit our Facebook page at We can help answer any questions you have regarding our fire damage restoration solutions and services.