How to Remove Soot and Odor After a Grease Fire

When a fire breaks out in your home, it can be a terrifying experience.  The best thing you can do is to avoid panicking, get everyone safely out the door, and call 911.  If the fire is small, stay calm and turn off the heat source but don’t touch the pot.  Reach for your baking soda and dump it on the flames.  You can also smother the fire by putting the lid or a cookie sheet on top of the pot.  A chemical fire extinguisher will work as well.  Whatever you do, never throw water on a grease fire.

Any sized fire will leave smoke and soot in its wake.  Once the fire is safely out you’ll need to take steps to clean your kitchen and appliances.  Here are some helpful tips to remove the soot residue and smoke odor from your home.

  1. After the grease fire is extinguished, wait until the pot is completely cool. If for any reason, you question that the fire is not out in the pot, call the fire department.
  2. Take photos of the area in case you need to file an insurance claim.
  3. Put on protective eyewear and gloves.
  4. Start by wiping down the area with paper towels or a rag in order to wipe off as much debris and grease as possible.
  5. Vacuum up any soot. A wet/dry vac may be useful depending on the size of the mess.
  6. Fill a bucket with water and add one tablespoon of TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). Use a sponge to wipe down your walls and ceilings with the mixture.  Follow by rinsing off the cleaning solution with fresh warm water and a rag.  It is best to work in small, manageable sections.  Avoid soaking the area as it will damage your drywall.
  7. Dry each section as you go.

Once your walls, ceiling, and floor are clean you can move on to the appliances.  A simple solution of vinegar and warm water will do the trick.

The important factor is to clean up the residue as quick as you can.  Prompt attention to the clean-up process will protect your appliances and other parts of your kitchen.  Soot leaves behind a residue that is oily.  If left too long, it can cause appliances, walls, and ceilings to yellow.  If you believe you need help in cleaning up after a fire, call our team at LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service.  Our expertise in the clean-up process will leave your home looking like it was before the fire.  We’ll take steps to clean up the damage and restore your property to its previous condition.  The area will be cleaned and sanitized to remove harmful soot residue and odors that may damage your home or cause respiratory issues to your family down the road.

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