A fire is something no business or homeowner ever wants to experience.  That being said, we all know accidents happen that are out of our control.  A fire is devastating, and the clean-up can be overwhelming.  Most people have never experienced a fire, and thus, they’re not sure what their next steps should be.

At LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service, we have a few tips that can help.  In this article, we’ll look at the aftermath of a fire and discuss how a Fire Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Reconstruction company can help you navigate through the unexpected.

Look for damage to the structure:  The heat of a fire can affect the structure of your home.  A professional team can identify unsound areas that may need to be temporarily shored to prevent injury or a collapse.

Smoke damage:  You know that where there is a fire, there is smoke.  Smoke contains carcinogens that seep into porous material and settle onto non-porous objects.  Industrial cleaners and equipment are needed to remove the smoke damage so you don’t breathe in the toxins associated with the fire.

Soot and chemical reactions:  Soot and ash from a fire settles on anything it touches and can get into your building’s ventilation system.  Soot, as well as smoke, can create a chemical reaction that will make your belongings turn colors and corrode if not cleaned with a proper cleaning solution.

Hidden chemicals:  The high temperatures of a fire melt everything and the smoke and residue from these burnt items can pollute the air you breathe.  Likewise, if a fire extinguisher was used to extinguish the fire, the highly pressurized substance can penetrate cracks and settle on your belongings.  Thoroughly clean everything.

Damaging water:  Water is great to put out the fire, but the effects of it after the fire aren’t as great.  It takes a lot of water to put out a fire, but it needs to be cleaned up quickly, once it’s safe to enter the property.  Water can cause mold to grow which can create a whole new set of problems.

A lot of components are involved in the clean-up process when you have a fire.  However, when you use a professional fire damage restoration company like LaPointe, you won’t have to navigate it alone.  For fifty years, we have helped homeowners and business owners restore their property.  We make sure your property is returned to the way it was before the fire.  We address the smoke and soot residue, water damage, and fire damage.  Your building will be dried, sanitized, repaired, and restored with the professionalism that comes with our years of experience.

If your property has had a fire, call our Fire Damage Restoration Service.  We will restore your home or business and clean up the damage that comes as a result of the fire.  Give us a call today at 978-447-5991 or learn more on our Facebook page at