Fire Damage Restoration: Beyond The Fire

You wouldn’t normally associate the words fire and mold in the same sentence.  However, at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we do, just that, every day.  When a homeowner experiences a fire in their home, it is easy to just talk in terms of smoke, soot, ashes, and destruction. Yet, all too quickly, that homeowner will realize that water damage, mold, rust, and rot are all words they’ll start hearing as they clean up after a fire.

Typically, mold remediation is a phrase saved for incidents when a pipe bursts or when a flood occurs.  It conjures images of restoration companies drying out a home to prevent mold growth.  The same holds true for a fire.  The thousands of gallons of water that are used to put out a fire can cause just as much damage as the fire itself.  This is why, at LaPointe, we offer emergency services 24/7.  We’re experts at restoring your home after a fire.

Mold will grow in any space with the right humidity and moisture levels.  When a fire is put out, the water will find every crack and crevice it can as it runs down your walls.  Cleaning up after a fire includes not only ridding the home of smoke and soot residues, but also water cleanup in order to prevent mold from growing.

If water sits too long and the area remains damp, mold spores will take hold.  The affected area, room, or entire home needs to be dried completely.  Of course, this also depends on the extent of the fire.  A home that has a fairly small fire may end up becoming a bigger mold problem than a larger fire.  For one thing, larger fires will require more reconstruction.  More than likely, sheet rock and flooring is destroyed and will need to be replaced, therefore eliminating the damp material from the home altogether.  A smaller fire will have used less water, giving the homeowner the false impression that the cleanup is easier.  However, if not cleaned up properly, then the wet area will become prone to mold.

The LaPointe Fire Damage Restoration team understands how the factors of fire, water, and mold work.  We are experts in restoring your home after a fire, no matter how big or small.  We’ll address smoke, soot, and odor problems caused by the fire as well as water damage issues as a result of the firefighting efforts.  Our attention to detail and years of experience make us the first call for many homeowners.

If you experience a fire, don’t fret, call LaPointe.  We’ll respond to your home emergency promptly so that mold won’t be a problem. Our Fire Damage Restoration crew will restore your home to the beauty it once was.  We’ll remove unsalvageable items and material, quickly repair and restore the damaged area, and make sure smoke, soot, and mold damage doesn’t occur. 

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