Fire Damage Restoration: 5 Tips to Preventing a Brush Fire

Did you know: March and April ushers in the start of brush fire season?  Think you’re ‘out of the woods’ so to speak if you live in a populated area?  Not necessarily.  Brush fires can start anywhere and they quickly spread as dry vegetation and debris can fuel the flames.

Brush fires can start by a bolt of lightning, a match, a cigarette, hot embers from a grill or bonfire, or fireworks.  With the right conditions, a single spark can ignite dry grass and leaves in your yard.  Wind helps fuel the fire and soon enough, your home and your safety are at risk for catching fire. 

To keep your home safe from a brush fire, use precaution and heed this advice:

  • Regularly rake your yard. In the spring, the yard waste that accumulates from the fall and winter can dry out quickly with the help of seasonal winds.  Raking the dry leaves and debris will breathe life into your dormant yard and reduce the risk of a brush fire.
  • Follow safe grilling procedures. Never leave a grill unattended and keep your grill clean.  Keep an eye on the grease pan and make sure it is cleaned regularly.
  • Understand your city and county burning laws. If you are allowed to burn your yard waste, do not burn on windy days.  Follow your city’s requirements for a safe burn.
  • Be cautious when filling up equipment with gasoline. Dilute spills with water and clean up immediately.
  • If you have an open flame, make sure your hose is hooked up and ready to use in case of emergencies.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience the destruction of a brush fire.  Even a small fire can quickly get out of control when it is fueled by wind, dry debris, and accelerants stored in your garage.  Awareness and preventative measures can greatly reduce your chances of a fire.  A clean yard, properly stored combustible liquids, and fire safety tips will help prevent a fire.  Additionally, keep children away from matches and lighters, and explain the importance of fire safety to them.  Above all else, call the fire department and seek a safe place if a fire does break out. 

LaPointe Construction Board up Service is on hand if your home is involved in a brush fire.  Our Fire Damage Restoration team will clean up the water, soot, and smoke damage associated with fires.  Our industrial equipment and decades worth of knowledge makes us industry leaders in restoring your property.  We’ll make sure your house is repaired and restored to its original condition so you can continue living a normal life.  We work with you and your insurance company to develop a plan of attack salvaging all items that we are able to.

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