Fire Damage Reconstruction

If you have ever had a fire occur in your home, we want you to know that we truly feel for you and empathize with you. Fires are terrible and they can take your happy, content life and completely flip it upside down.

Fire damage reconstruction is the cleanup and recovery services provided after a fire has ripped through your home. It is important to work hard to rebuild your life after a fire, but it will take some time. Many people are confused and unsure of where to even start. Below, we want to provide you with some tips to rebuild your life after a fire. We have gathered these tips through our experience working with clients just like you.

Right After the Fire is Extinguished

Once the fire is extinguished, you want to wait for the okay to go back into your home. This may take a while as the fire department needs to clear the home and make sure the structure has not lost all of its integrity.

When you can enter the home, do so and try to obtain any of your personal valuables. You do not want to grab your couch or anything like that, but look for any important paperwork, jewelry, and your personal items.

The Cleanup Process

The next step in the process is the cleanup. This is going to be a difficult process because you will have to accept the fate of your home and many of your personal belongings. Typically, you should hire a professional fire damage reconstruction company to handle the mess, especially since the roof will likely be sunken in, your home will be filled with smoke, and there may be some water damage.

When the cleanup crew arrives, you do want to be present, so you can take pictures of the damage and talk to your insurance agent and explain what happened. You should make notes of the home and note all items that were damage in the fire.

File an Insurance Claim

Now it is time for you to file an insurance claim. Remember how we told you to take pictures, you will need them. In fact, your agent may instruct you to take specific pictures. Another vital piece of information will be the fire report that was completed by the fire department. This report will discuss facts about the fire such as what caused it, where it started, and how it happened.

Relocate to Somewhere Safe

While you may want to simply stay in your home, you cannot. A home that has been damaged due to fire needs to be reconstructed before you can inhabit the area again. You should find temporary housing nearby that will allow you to travel back and forth between your home and the place to lay your head.

We Can Help with Fire Damage Reconstruction

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