Rebuilding After a Fire

We often talk a lot about our Fire Damage Restoration and Reconstruction Services, but what does that really mean for your home, and how does it apply to you?

Today we’ll take a look at a Victorian era home and put in to perspective how the cleanup process and reconstruction services work.  So sit back and imagine your home is a Queen Anne style with elegant architectural designs and features that bring to mind a time of industrial growth, historical events, and a simpler time.

Victorian era homes typically have an asymmetry about them and protruding gables.  Rounded turrets and wrap-around front porches complete the look.  These are beautiful homes that became popular in the United State around 1880 and still stand tall today. 

Now suppose you had a kitchen fire.  The decadent woodwork is damaged, your kitchen is totaled, and to top it off you now have water, soot, and smoke damage from the fire-fighting process.  Well, not to worry!  In walks the LaPointe Construction Board Up Service crew. 

  • First we shore up your support walls. Victorian era homes have asymmetrical rooms, not the straight hallway approach favored now days.  That means we’ll shore up any areas that sustained damage and threaten the structural support.  Next, we’ll likely board up any windows that we’re blown out in the fire our damaged during the fire-fighting process to put out the fire.
  • The cleanup process begins next. We’ll clear out the damaged drywall and property that is damaged and unsalvageable.  Anything that can be saved and restored will be handled as we best see fit.  Our Water Damage Restoration team will thoroughly dry the property.  Victorian homes are generally constructed with a lot of wood which will need to be dried so as to prevent mold from growing down the road.
  • Once the cleanup process is complete, the Fire Damage Restoration team can begin their work. The ornate woodwork, decorative soffits, gables, and cornices are refinished and repainted.  Drywall and flooring is replaced and reconstructed to its original condition.  Interior paint is applied, wood is stained, and the exterior of the home is reconstructed to its glory. 

The design of a Victorian era home calls for complex, intricate details and framing.  That’s why you call our Fire Damage Reconstruction team.  We handle every detail down to the smallest design.  Your Queen Anne home is a thing of beauty and deserves to stay that way. 

No matter what style your home or property is, know that you can depend on LaPointe for your Fire Damage Reconstruction needs.  With nearly 6 decades of experience, we have the tools, equipment, and skill to transform your home after any fire.  Call our office when you have a fire and need to reconstruct your home.  Reach us at 978-447-5991 or visit our Facebook page to learn more about our services: