Fire Damage: DIY or Call in the Professionals?

Many homeowners today like to do things around their home themselves. There are a lot of projects that even the least experienced homeowner can tackle fairly successfully. With limitless online tutorials and step by step guides, it seems like you can do just about anything without calling in a professional. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of projects that can be done by an amateur, fire damage restoration isn’t one of them. It is much safer and cost effective to hire experts like us here at LaPointe Construction Board-up Service.

There are several reasons that fire damage restoration isn’t a DIY type of project. Special equipment is often needed, there are often signs of damage that are hard to see to the inexperienced, and working in a building that has been through a fire can be dangerous.

Special Equipment

After a fire, there can be a lot of special equipment needed to do the job right. Water from fire fighting efforts needs to be removed. Smoke, soot, and lingering odors can be tricky to remove as well. Some special equipment that the experts here at LaPointe Construction Board-up Service might use include:

  • Temporary fencing
  • Air circulators and scrubbers
  • Commercial water pumps
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

These are all important parts of the fire damage restoration process. Our team uses temporary fencing, roof tarps, and board-up procedures to secure your property. This prevents vandalism and damage from weather conditions, and also keeps out animal intruders.

Air circulators and scrubbers help in the drying process, remove unpleasant odors, and can help to clean out the home’s ventilation system.

Commercial water pumps remove water from the home resulting from burst pipes and fire-fighting efforts. Other drying equipment used can include fans and dehumidifiers.

The biggest problem with trying to do fire damage restoration yourself is safety. Sometimes, there are hidden signs of things like mold and mildew that the inexperienced might not notice. Missing these can lead to major health problems down the road after breathing in spores. In addition, weakened support beams and load bearing walls may need to be shored up to prevent collapse. An inexperienced homeowner may not recognize this need and could be harmed.

Professionals use special equipment to keep themselves safe. Depending on the situation, this can range from a simple air filter mask to a complete set of disposable clothing with a ventilator. Some of the PPE that our team might use are:

  • Gloves
  • Waterproof boots
  • Disposable clothing
  • Hazmat suits
  • Air filter masks
  • Ventilators

Like many home projects, fire damage restoration can be too much for most home and business owners to tackle on their own. The possible complications can be both dangerous and costly . Rely on skilled and friendly professionals like LaPointe Construction Board-up Service to make sure your property gets back to pre-event condition in no time.