Emergency Board Up Services1

Emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours or a convenient time. Thankfully, neither does the team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service. We are within reach 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Family owned and operated for over 50 years, the third generation of LaPointe’s is ready to meet your construction, property restoration, and board up service needs.

The staff at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service is experienced in working with insurance companies. If you are seeking board up service because of a fire, flooding, or other incident covered by your insurance, we will work with you and your claims adjuster to make sure your claims process goes smoothly.

There are many reasons that you may need a board up service.

  • Preparing for a storm
  • Broken windows or doors
  • After a break-in
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Sinkholes or erosion damage
  • Vacant property
  • Construction or renovation projects

Any time your windows or doors are vulnerable, a board up service can help you. When a property is left vacant or damaged, it is vulnerable and unprotected. Board up service are designed to minimize that available points of entry and make it less attractive to people and wildlife in the area.

Your property may be vandalized and further damaged. Spray paint and graffiti, additional broken windows, and fires can become a problem. Vagrants and trespassers may bring trash, drug paraphernalia, and other items can be brought into the building.

Items inside might be stolen or damaged due to the effects of weather events. Often after a fire or water damage event, most of your possessions remain inside the home or business. When the affected area is limited, there might be a lot of things inside that need to be protected.

If a trespasser enters your property and is injured, you can even be held liable. It often doesn’t matter that they were not supposed to be present. A damaged home can have many dangers and result in serious injury.

We also offer complete property restoration services, temporary fencing, and other services. If you experience a fire, water damage, or discover mold in your home or business, we can take care of your problems safely and quickly. Our crew is highly trained and experienced in property restoration.

Disaster can come at any time , and you never know what may happen. There are lots of reasons that you may need a board up service, but only one number that you need 978-447-5991 to reach us 24 hours a day.