Deterring Burglars to Prevent Further Loss

When a large section of your home or business is damaged by external elements like the weather or vehicular collisions, you’re probably going to have a lot to get rid of. It’s easy to focus on the losses that you’ve already faced in the aftermath of this extensive damage, but we at LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service want to help you to direct your focus on the time ahead so that you can minimize any additional losses and get back to your life as soon as possible.

Damage to your windows and the exterior of a building can leave it vulnerable to not only inclement weather, but also theft. Many homeowners are so actively concerned with other elements of recovering from the disaster (like recovering salvageable items or finding temporary accommodations) that the thought of being burglarized doesn’t even cross their minds. Broken windows are an ideal entry point for would-be burglars, but our Board Up service will send them packing before they ever think to sneak onto the site in hopes of a big payday.

Whether your home is occupied, vacant only for a brief time while restoration efforts are underway or it is entirely vacant (say, if you are selling the home that was damaged), we offer board up services to protect the assets that remain inside as well as preserve the integrity of the home itself until restoration is in progress.

If your home and/or its windows have been compromised in a way that leaves it open to vandals and thieves, calling LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service to board up the damaged areas should be the first call you make after reaching your insurance company. Acting quickly can prevent you from becoming the victim of crime after already experiencing a devastating amount of damage to your home. Recovering from a disaster can be a lengthy process, and you don’t want your home to be left vulnerable until the process is complete.

In addition to the risk of burglary or robbery (in the event of your family residing in the home that has been damaged), homeowners also could run into trouble if an intruder is injured on the property. Adequately boarding up the exposed holes and windows will keep these problems from arising during this difficult time in your life.

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