5 Reasons To Board Up Your Home After A Fire Or Natural Disaster

In 2020, there were 330 natural disasters that affected people worldwide. Hurricanes alone cost Americans more than $190 billion. FEMA also record 1,345,500 house fires causing more than $14.3 billion in losses. Why is this data important? It shows how susceptible homeowners are of common, uncontrollable events.

What Is A Board-Up Service?

If at any time there is a threat to your home’s access points (doors, windows, and walls) or damage has already occurred, a board-up service is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to secure your home from any outside threats. Here are a few critical reasons to board a home.

  1. Prevention Of Natural Disasters

When it comes to board-up services, it just might mean the difference between a little damage or a lot. Unlike fires, there is generally a warning which gives you time to board up your home before weather-related events like windstorms, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms occur. When your home is not protected, the pressure in the home differs from that on the outside which causes windows to burst. It is much more affordable to call us before storms hit. Once the windows are broken, you may still need a board-up service until your new windows arrive or repairs can take place.

  1. 24-Hour Emergency Response To Fires

A structural fire is unexpected which is why our experts at LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service is on duty 24-7 to help you when you need our assistance most. Once we arrive, at a minimum, you will be required by law to board up your home because of safety protocols. Most importantly, it is critical to protecting the home against weather-related elements like wind, rain, or snow which will cause additional damage to your home. This is a critical step in the fire restoration process which prevents any further damage from occurring. It also ensures your home is safe and secure.

  1. Prevention Measure To Vacant, Foreclosed, Or Renovated Property

For properties that are vacant, foreclosed, or in the process of long-term renovation projects, an affordable way to secure your property is by boarding up the home. It will prevent further financial loss and damage which will reduce your liabilities.

  1. Insurance Issues

Your insurance agent will want to board up the home to ensure that no further damage occurs. This is critical since your insurance claim will only cover the damage already received. This step will make sure that you do not experience out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. Protects Against Vandalism And Theft

An unsecured home is a welcoming site for vandals. An unsecured home makes it much easier to bypass and gain entry when windows or doors have been damaged. Most especially, homeowners may have a liability issue when an unauthorized person gains entrance and suffers an injury because the building was not secured properly.

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