Considering a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen renovations are one of the most common kinds of redesign and restructuring of the home. Growing families often find that, while they love their home, they need more room to prepare meals and dine as to avoid becoming cramped or running low on storage space. Even if your family is as big as it’s going to get, you might find that the accommodations of your existing kitchen are simply not enough to meet the day-to-day demands of life at home.

Sometimes, a relatively simple remodel isn’t in the cards. If you want to expand the size of your kitchen, for example, then demolition might become a necessary part of this process. While it might sound intimidating to level any space of your home in preparation for new fixtures and a new design, there are some steps that you can take before demo day to make things easier and just a bit less stressful. The renovation and demolition experts at LaPointe Construction Boardup Service want to help you to feel less overwhelmed by the project that lays in front of you, so we have compiled ten top tips to get you ready for the day of demolition.

Not only will these pointers help you to streamline the process of demolition, but it will make your workspace a safer place to be for yourself or the contractor that you have hired to do the job.

LaPointe’s Ten Tips to Help you Prep for Demolition

  1. Seal off the kitchen before you do anything else. This will prevent dust, debris and other unwanted elements from getting into other portions of your home.
  2. Disconnect gas, water, plumbing and electricity from your kitchen and all appliances.
  3. Remove any glass coverings over light fixtures, outlets and windows.
  4. Pull up a sample from your flooring to test for asbestos. If it tests positive for the presence of asbestos, you will need to bring in a specialized team to remove the flooring safely. If it shows up negative for asbestos, then you can safely remove it yourself.
  5. If you can remove the flooring yourself, do so with a pry bar and a rubber mallet.
  6. Remove the trim from the cabinets, windows and floor of your kitchen.
  7. Pull out all of your appliances.
  8. Remove all cabinets using a pry bar or drill.
  9. Pull out all existing drywall or plaster, being incredibly careful of water lines and electrical components. After this is done, you can remove the insulation and nails easily.
  10. After all of the above is accomplished, clean your space of as much dirt, dust and debris as possible.

Before you act to remove any aspect of your kitchen, it is important to remember the right safety tools. Dust masks, heavy-duty gloves, sturdy footwear and protective eyewear will protect you from the dust and other irritants that can compromise your health and physical safety.

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